Saturday, June 06, 2009


Kristine is probably the most relaxed bride we've worked with.
She is so relaxed that everyone else did the panicking for her. :-)

She moved her wedding date three months earlier, that left us with just two months to finish her gown. She was smiling sheepishly when she told me about it, not a hint of panic, just sweetness. Now how can I get mad at her?!

She wanted Blahnik or Choos for her shoes, and she got one the night before her wedding, just before the store closed. Did I mention her wedding is at 10AM?

She started her preps very late on her wedding day that brought her coordinators to frenzy and she assured them while smiling, that everything will be okay! Juice ko, baliktad na ba ang mundo?!!

Before she even walked down the aisle, she saw some guests hurriedly walking to the church, saw her and apologized for being late and she giggly said - "hey! it's okay, I'm waiting for you talaga eh!" kakaloka!

And just before That moment, like I always do, I told her "walk slowly ha, enjoy your moment".... the door opened with her saying softly - "don't worry, I will"

And oh my! she did. She had the most graceful walk I've seen.
She was a sight.
All panic faded at the sight of her.
She glided.
Shoulders straight, chest out
Glanced left and right, acknowledging her guests.
She even laughed softly when she saw her groom crying.
She was awesome
The guests applauded.

Jason captured it perfectly and his team's onsite video couldn't be any better. It fitted her to a T.

Madge made her smoky eyes which absolutely made her look stunning even for a morning wedding.

Ms. Rita Neri handled the day long event, with authority that is just right for her. I even remember Kristine mentioning a couple of times during our fittings how right Ms. Rita is for her - giving her direction and organization, coz she absolutely has none! hahahaha! I believe so too. I would've made her stand in the corner, or a slap in the bun had I been her coordinator. hehehe :-)

Here she is on her wedding day -
Beautiful pictures again by Mimi and Karl


Ann Maureen Munoz said...

Ms V, she is absolutely stunning on her wedding gown. Gustong Gusto ko! :)


veluz said...

hey Maureen!! thanks thanks :-) may wedding date na ba?

judy g said...

Hola, Ms. V! Ang ganda nito ah. Love the skirt. Sana pwede ulit kami magrenewal of vows ni John para may excuse to have a new gown made. hehe Miss you lots!

Madge Lejano said...

Agree!!!!! The most relaxed bride that made me panicked! as usual stunning! Kristine said "my gown is sooo me"

Candy :) said...

hehe i dunno y... nagka goosebumps ko after reading the blog :)

as always, love the gown ms v! :D

Apol said...

sana nahawahan ni kristine ung church coordinator dun sa wedding ko para hindi tau nun nataranta T_T very pretty bride, in a hot make-up and fabulous wedding dress. ;)

joy said...

how pretty! I can't wait for another chance to wear a VELUZ!

Jill Sabalo said...

Hi Veluz! I looooove this gown! The shape is just so pretty! And the details... Wow! I'm so excited na for my wedding day! Only because I can't wait to wear my Veluz gown, haha! Oh my gosh, kinikilig ako! :)

alleth said...

omg..beautiful dress! *sigh* I cant wait for mine.

Abbie Mendez said...

Ayan, I checked "kristine's" dress na...I am dreaming about mine already! ***sigh*** absolutely breathtaking:

Abbie's current facebook status: Abbie Mendez promises to stop drinking soda starting tomorrow!