Saturday, May 09, 2009

First Quarter 2009

my 1st quarter "kupits", special thanks to the photographers :-)

Photos by Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto

Photos by Paul Vincent

Photos by Mimi and Karl
Photos by Mimi and Karl

Photos by Mimi and Karl

...more to come :-)

paging Sir Dino and Ms. Jen of Tokyo hehehehe :-) penge naman back detail pictures pleeez :-)


Anonymous said...

tita,ayaw mu ng pictures!!
hahaha.. lols.

love you :)

camille said...

Awww... they're all so so lovely! :) i'm super excited for my next fitting! :)

veluz said...

jake! didn't you read the header? the bride and I nga eh!! ahihihihi :-)

veluz said...

hi Camille!

lapit na! :-) exciting!!! :-)

judy g said...

ms v! ganda ng always! spring collection '09 ang dapat tawag dito. naks!! =D amishu!

abi almeda said...

omg,ang gaganda nila. uwi nako...uwi nako bukas sa pinas!!! uy, ang OA.

Candy :) said...

more more more! :D

gaganda naman ng mga gowns! sarap ikasal ulit!!

see you soon!


I am Mitch :) said...

awww ... what a beautiful sight ... miss wearing my gown :P hmmm, kendz pakasal tayo ulit ??? hahaha :)

Candy :) said...

mitch, let's do it! :D hahaha mga addict e no? :)

love your gown btw. :)

Jen (Tokyo) said...

Veluz!!! :) was going through your pictures and just saw your last note :) I'll send you an email with the pix! :) missing you guys!!!

veluz said...

judy!! di ko naman kinaya ang spring '09. fine. gagawa ako ng autumn-winter '09. kelangan ko ng snow! hahahaha!

abi, you made me laugh with your comment! di masyadong halatang excited, promise :-)

candy, mitch, tapos na kayo, okay? hala sige isukat nyo ulit ang mga gown nyo, tignan natin kung kasya pa! ahahahahahaha!!! labyu both!

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