Friday, June 12, 2009


I really want to blog stories about my recent brides but I just can’t find the time to do so.

In lieu of stories, let me share their love letters. I’m getting a lot of it lately and its turning me all giddy :-)

Hi Ms. V!

Hello! It's been a while.
Ayaw pa ako bumaba sa pagka high ko sa wedding eh, its been almost a month. Kahit na i was back working na a few weeks back pa, i'm still in dreamy dream land about everything.

Ms. V, a million thanks to you and to every one of your crew for making my most beautiful gown. Everyone said it was so beautiful, and I was so beautiful. haha. But I really felt at my best with my gown. Feeling ko princess ako. (feeling wow, looking wow!) haha. From the moment I put it on, there was something. At first I felt really nervous, hirap tuloy magsmile for the pictorial. After a while, feel na feel ko na pagka princess ko. haha. When I got to the hotel lobby, everyone was looking at me. On the way to the chapel to meet my prince, people in cars passing me by were waving at me with amazed smiles, and wave back naman ako. hehehe.

Thanks also for being there to help me dress up (and to Niko and the ates). It really meant a lot to me. Earlier during the day when dumating sila Niko lang without you, I felt a bit disappointed but later dumating ka, I was so happy. And thank you for seeing me off at the chapel. I really appreciate you being there. Kahit na I might not have shown it because I was feeling nervous na, with the door waiting, the music playing and my groom waiting, I really am so thankful that you were there to support me. Thanks po talaga.

Anyway, I'm glad to report that both moms were very happy with the gown. My mom was very, very happy. Likewise, my mother in law was very impressed. And everyone -- the ninangs, guests, suppliers from the photo, video and even caterer were awed with my gown.

Ako, i super love my gown. When people say 'your gown is so beautiful', I say, 'yes, it is... ayluveet!' I got the proofs of the pictures na from m+k and super maya't maya tinitignan ko talaga. Eh yun nga lang pictures from my fitting (my second to the final fitting), I look at it always, kung pwede lang magasgas ang picture. In fact, my mom wants to do a sort of postnup, to take portraits of the family in our wedding day attire, and I am so excited!!! I'm gonna wear my gown again! =)

But the best part of it all, my favorite part of the whole wedding, is the walk down the aisle. My wedding has had its minor glitches here and there. For the super oc bride that I am (almost all my suppliers noticed my oc-ness), that would have been a disaster. But just thinking about my walk down the aisle, feeling like a princess walking down to her prince and all the smiling faces looking at me, and seeing my crying groom, that makes everything perfect. The first thing my groom said to me when we met was, "kainis ka, pinaiyak mo ako, you are so beautiful." That stretch of moment, that's my dream wedding. Nothing that might have gone wrong could ruin that perfect moment. I am gonna cherish that for the rest of my life. Thanks ms. V for being a very big part of that very special moment in our life. Thanks at pinaiyak mo groom ko. haha.

Cya, cge na, naiiyak nako eh. haha.

Thanks again Ms. Veluz, Niko and all the ates. And I miss you all. Pwede ba mag visit diyan sometimes? Please? Promise, di ako mang gugulo. =)

Jaybee Valle-Sison

photos by Mimi and Karl


Kez Cajes said...

Ms V ang ganda nito ahhh malinis na malinis ang finish ng gown ganda! Lace po ba ito or embroidery? Lapit na July 16..... hayy makikita ko na gown ko...excited.

Cindy Villabona-Ignacio said...

as always, lovely gown. lovely pics too (syempre love my suppliers!) :) regards to all. esp to niko and gercel. miss you guys!

Apol said...

ayyyyy!!! i remember this gown! eto yung pinakita mo saken during one of my fittings. sabe mo nun, "Apol, alika dito saglit may papakita ako sayo." And then, I fell in love. *kilig*

Faye said...

very unique talaga mga gowns Mo Ms. V! I just wish we had enough budget when we get married, I really wanted to wear one of your gowns on my wedding!

Unknown said...

Hello there,
I just wanted to know your rates sana... I really love your designs! and I would love to have you as my fashion designer for my wedding... I emailed you several times na kaya lang no reply pa... anyways, you can email me at Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks!