Monday, July 19, 2010

Niko, moving on

From this day, Niko for Veluz is no more.
But this is not the end, but a happy beginning :-)
I believe I've trained him well and it's time for him to move on.
Just like a son on his 21st birthday.
Time to move out of the house.
And find his own place in the sun :-)

He will have his own shop and he will be making gowns too, this time as Niko Hernandez
Make me proud Niko! :-)

Oh but for the existing Niko for Veluz brides he will still be here to finish your gowns
And I will still be there to check on your final fitting :-)


abbie said...

naiyak naman daw ako :( Either way, I'm sure Niko will continously do great because he was trained by the best!!! CONGRATULATIONS NIKO!!!!

veryveejay said...

omg :-(

im such a fan of veluz-niko niko-veluz!

grabe ms v naiiyak ako!!!!!! i swear!!!

God is really good. TO be able to know someone like u and niko is a blessing that i will forever cherish. Its not easy to find someone who is talented, humble, kind, unselfish and supportive!


hahaha.. ms v.. di mo kinaya ang statement ko na.. "have a seat.." hahaha!!!


Anika said...

congrats to you V. and Niko... :)
pag kinasal ako ulit, kayo paren pipiliin namen! :)

Clarice said...

Ayan nag-comment na ako kasi sabi ni Ms. Gerce hindi daw niya nabasa na nag-comment ako. Hahaha!

Congratulations, Nix! :) I know this is such a bittersweet moment for you and Ms. V. Make her proud, as I know you will.


Cie said...

goosebumps! i'm sad but happy. sad that niko will no longer be part of your team. but happy that he's having his own name in the industry. good luck niko!

ps. miss you so much miss v! di na kasya sa akin gown ko... i've blown up after giving birth, waaaah!!!

darlene reyes-de leon said...

way to go niko! i love niko! good luck! and ms veluz, i know niko will make you a really proud momma!

like ms cie said, we are sad and happy.

darlene reyes-de leon said...

nku, sna maabutan ko pa siya when i go to visit soon... cheers again!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

How and where can we reach Niko? Does he have a shop? Where is it located?

Many thanks.

veluz said...

His shop is still under renovation. It's in Pililia St in Makati.

His cell number - 09178416456. You may get in touch with him to set an appointment.

veluz said...

thanks everyone!! and please don't be sad. Yup, it's kinda bittersweet ... but cheers to the new beginning, right? :-)

Faye said...

Congratulations Niko!:) Make "mama" proud!:)

i am mitch ni walvs said...

awww ... truly a bittersweet! Good luck Niko! Ms. V mishyu nah. Bakit wala ka pa bagong post? hehehe :D

arlene thay said...

ms v!!!!!! i miss you na. and i agree, super bittersweet. i admire talaga how you look at the situation!

all the best for you and niko. BIG HUG!

by the way, my office is so near your building ms v! let's have lunch sometime! :)

Con & Nel said...

Go NIko! Make MamaV proud! You were trained by the best, so your gowns are to be expected... the best as well :) cheers!

marrydresses said...
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Fozzy Castro-Dayrit said...

congratulations to Niko!!! you made our wedding day sooo beautiful and unforgettable (to this day, people still approach me about my feathery bolero). we're eternally grateful!