Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Time and again, I am asked - Will the gown be heavy? Will it be difficult to move wearing the gown? Can I dance with my gown? Can I carry my train easily?

And I say - "The gown will be heavy, but glamorously heavy..." - with my sweetest smile ever :-)
I get mix reactions, some are amused and gets all giddy, others become more hesitant.
So there goes my endless litanya of

"When else will you wear a train if not at your wedding?"
"Kaya mo yun!"
"Para 20 yards lang ang tela na 4 layers?!? tsaka beads na sangkatutak, ano naman ang mabigat dun?"
"Ay tiis ganda naman, minsan lang eh!" :-)

Now no need to do that. I will just introduce them to Darlene :-)
Darlene went to the church on a trike but before hitting that, she ran.
She ran wearing an all lace gown with a tulle overlay and several layers of fabric underneath.
So who said its difficult to move in a wedding gown?
Nope, not Darlene.

LOVE her! :-)

Here's the excitement-inducing pictures of Oly Ruiz of Metro Photo and his take on what transpired that day.

And the fun fun fun video of MG Digital :

Gboy & Darlene from Mervin Gobaco on Vimeo.

Bride's narration of what happened and how she felt that day.

Congratulations Darlene! You are definitely one of the coolest bride I've worked with :-)

Oh and kudos to Eddie Bruan for a job very well done.


Janet Ravanilla said...

love the gown and syempre parang nag-amazing race ang bride, love it!

Anonymous said...

love the gown! :)

Anonymous said...

Ms. V, i am about to email you to ask if my gown will be super heavy, would i be able to walk or baka madapa ba ko sa gown ko?!? hahahaha!!!!!
i feel a little anxious yet at the same time giddy of the final output--precious

Leah Ilagan Mendoza said...

Yet another post that made me smile and miss you Ms. V.! Syempre do I need to mention that my jaw dropped again with awe?!? Gandah ng gown!!

Sweet Little IceQueen said...

Pretty gown! Super fun video!

Louella said...

I stumbled upon your site while looking for a profile photographer. Your gowns are amazing - they look vintage yet soft and smooth. In this particular post the bride was so cool through it all-galing ng attitude nya! When I get a church wedding, I would want a Veluz gown - nothing else!!!

Anonymous said...

I was here at this wedding... I remember how it was... The bride got stuck in a traffic due to a bicycle race... She was left with little time in order to march her way to the altar... Everybody was of high spirit and full of adrenaline rush that makes this wedding a very memorable one... You can feel the overflowing love and happiness for this sacred union... and having that beautiful gown just help the bride Darlene to think consciously less in worrying how her dress can handle the misfortune. In the end it actually turn out to be a great wedding adventure after all the running... knowing and believing that the masterpiece gown is not only a delight to one's eye but she's confident enough with the durability of the material... the aesthetic and functionality element was superb...

Anonymous said...

Heart warming wedding clips felt myself crying..