Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kathy and my other bride

Dear Veluz,

It took me awhile to write this email, mainly because every time i attempt to start writing it i just well up. "Thank you" is not enough to tell you how grateful i am to God that you were part of one of the most important days of my life and bindoy's as well. I feel that those words are too simple, but then, they sum up what i really want to say.

Thank you...for being part of the team that made our day extra special. God is really so great in you, He has gifted you with so much talent, and you use it so well. From the start of our wedding preps, when bindoy asked me who i wanted to make my wedding gown, i showed him your blog, and told him that i visit it so much that i memorized all your posts! haha! Like when we'd be at the mall and i'd recognize one of your brides i'd go "Veluz bride yan, 2007!" haha i guess that was more than enough to convince him i really wanted you. And he said that he would compromise on everything except on you, i had to have a veluz gown and that was it. No discussions. Period. (don't ya just love him??? :) heehee)

And that's not all, when it came to mommy's gown, he said the same thing. He wanted you to make the gown for mom, although we knew it was going to be a risk to ask you to do it, he said we should at least try and ask. He wanted this to be our gift to my mom. And you know what, wala talaga imposible kay Lord heehee, sinamahan namin ng dasal and of course my mom's pacute convincing powers, and you said yes! Needless to say, everyone loved the dress!! my dad cried when he saw me in it, and everyone, as in every single person we talk to about the wedding 'til today still can't stop talking about the dress. They all say "it was soooo beautiful, and sooo you!"

How do i say thank you to a person who made not only me happy, but my mom as well? if only you saw her prancing around the reception showing off her dress, telling every one proudly that it was made by you. How do i thank someone who went over and beyond what i dreamed the dress would be? who took time into each detail, who made sure every single stitch was in place...thank you for not only treating me and my mom as clients...we really felt you were like family to us.

I will never forget how you never left me while i was so nervous outside the church, kept me calm and smiling through all my nerves. How you said, "this is your moment, just look at your groom". and when the doors opened, and i started to walk, i saw you go inside the church and wait up there at the altar, you waited til i was there up in made sure that i was ok before you left. I don't think you even knew that i saw you, but i did :) and my mom did too...sabi nya, na-gulat sya that you stayed til i reached the altar, bait mo daw talaga :) (amen to that!)

You were God's gift to us that day, thank you for being the best at what you do, for putting your heart into each design, for being a most generous and loving person.

I am forwarding to you my mom's thank you note :) every time people talk about my dress...she always says "maganda rin yung damit ko, si veluz din gumawa nun!" hahaha 2nd bride talaga! :)

Thank you thank you thank you!


Dear Veluz,

Everyone said I looked so pretty during Kathy's wedding because of my beautiful gown! I really felt that I was Bride # 2! Thank you so much! All my relatives and friends were asking who made my gown, and of course, I told them it was you. Galing mo daw talaga - Amen to that! :))

Tita Tess

Real and Heartfelt Photos by Mimi and Karl
Video by Threelogy

Bindoy and Kathy from Bong Sare on Vimeo.

Coordination by Teena Baretto of Hitched
Hair and Make up by Gela Laurel


judy g said...

galing! may "veluz mom" na! :)

arls said...

aaawww such a nice post. i can't wait for my moment. miss you ms v!!!!

jamie said...

Beautiful dresses!!! :) naku veluz, di pwedeng makita ng mommy ko ito! miss you!

Lib'z Palomo-Quiambao said...

wow mom of the bride did look like the 2nd bride.. pwedeng bagong line ms. veluz for MOBs... hehehe

CatNap said...

I LOVE the mother of the bride's gown!!!

pag ako gusto ko din ganun!!!

Ang galing mo talaga Ms. V! I've been following your blog for forever...

More power and God bless you!

Elay said...

Hi Ms. V, this is a very touching and i can perfectly understand why. Sometimes when i find myself so stressed at work, I'd go straight to your site, marvel at your wrok and then I feel fine. I am so looking forward to having my own Veluz gown.

See you soon, take care.

chiechie said...

Nothing beats making the bride's Mom happy :)

Bindoy's my HS batchmate and we have YM'ed about how you're also their couturier for their wedding. Loyal batch namin sayo: me, Bindoy's Kathy, Carlo's Menchie, and Paolo's Chiqui. hehehe :D

chiechie said...

Oh, and how could I have forgotten Apple?? :D

Unknown said...

Veluz! thank you so much for the post :) i was literally jumping up and down when i first saw it! and ended up in tears hehe iyakin ako talaga :) so so happy :) you really are the best at your craft :) continue making more brides happy heehee love you to bits!!

alleth said...

I saw the photos of the mom before (i think on Facebook) I had a feeling that you did her gown too. I WAS SOOO RIGHT! Those were to beautiful dresses, Veluz!