Saturday, January 30, 2010


It wasn't really love at first sight when I first met her.
She's very pretty but she seemed like a rich spoiled bratty girl with a red Ferragamo headband and a gorgeous fiance - the type of girl everyone likes to hate (of envy) :-)
But she's not a dumb blonde, she's a doctor! how can someone be so lucky?!?
She wanted lace... lots and lots of lace and lots of detailing.
I drew a sketch and computed the costs.
Then presented it to them, and just like my usual line, handed the quote with "think about it first po ha"
and then she said - "ah no need, you're my non-negotiable" with the sweetest smile ever.
My heart melted, and from that minute on, I was in love with her :-)

Months passed and I've loved every minute with her. She was continuously losing weight, her determination is really admirable. It was a production nightmare but she was such a delight to work with, that it didn't feel like work at all.
There was even one time that she blurted out after a very fun fitting - "hay naku, I really love it here, this is such a happy place talaga"
to which my staff replied - "ay!! Mcdo ito! pakiantay lang po ang mascot, s'ya po sa final fitting! :-) hahahaha!

Her wedding day is exactly my birthday and I told her from the day she inquired that I can't be there at her wedding, but somehow I couldn't bear the thought of not seeing her at her most precious day. And it was all worth it, she was soooo beautiful and she looked perfect. ... as she so lovingly put it, "blog-worthy" :-)

entourage gowns by Niko
Choy's Suit by Randy Ortiz
Hair and Make up by Gela Laurel
Awesome pictures by Pat Dy
Stylish coordination by Ernest Pascual of Events!Events
Video by Bob Nicolas

Choy and Jill from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.


Ernest said...

You never cease to leave me breathless with your creations, Veluz. I am continuously striving to do better because of you. You are indeed an inspiration.

Jill and Choy, I cannot gather all the beautiful adjectives to describe your wedding. Simply put, your wedding is truly a testament of style and romance because these are the same characteristics which are innate in the both of you.

I love Ms. V's cameo - "Ganda mo!" =)

Jill said...

Veluz! What more can I say, you made my dream come true! (Alam mo na yun...) Thank you for everything! I love your cameo ha! Our SDE wouldn't have been complete without you...

Ernest! You never run out of words that touch... You are my favorite coordinator ever! You're like Midas in a way.

I'm not surprised at all that you're both fully booked this early! Ganyan talaga kapag talented and passionate! I love you both! Choy and I are so blessed to have you on our wedding. :)

judy g said...

Simply breathtaking! :)

Ms. V, you're the epitome of couture.

Jill, you're a smart cookie! Best wishes. :)

arls said...

Wow.... as in wow. Speechless ako... Basta I'm doing a standing ovation right now :) love you Ms V! Thanks for always being an inspiration!

Abie said...

Wow! Ganda ng gown!!! You never fail to amaze me with your talent talaga.:) Hats off to you, Veluz! Keep it up! :)