Saturday, March 07, 2009


I am so used to brides with curly smiles, blushing, fidgeting, giggling and shrieking with excitement. ;-)

Steph is different. She's obviously in love coz she's getting married but she's just not the usual type. She's like a kid with her best buddy, planning an adventure. :-) She's cool, no nonsense and definitely not mushy. Won't be gushing on the prom night, but will wake up early and excited for a tennis match. She's just not the usual bride.

She gave me a picture of her ideal gown on our first meeting and just bluntly told me that that is what she wants.
No train
No fuss
"bahala ka na.. basta parang ganyan.."

I love the design, I know I can make it better.
But it was actually more than making the gown.
I want her to be my bride.
She's just different. Pleasantly different :-)

I was extremely pleased when we had our last and final fitting, when finally I've perfected the fit and got the look that I was aiming for. She transformed right before my eyes. She's a bride!! I was soooo excited and asked her if she is, she just shrugged her shoulders, gave me a wide grin, and said - "kakatawa ka, mas excited ka pa yata sa akin eh hehehe :-)" Told her - "bakit ba eh excited ako eh! ang ganda ganda mo!"

I want to see her walk down the aisle!! I want to see her before the door opens! :-D
Will she be as cool as usual? Will she cry?Well she didn't cry. She was smiling all the time. She was relax, cool and just happy. :-)
But guess what she told me a day later, with tounge in cheek - "ei totoo nga yung power of the door, I felt it e! nung nag-open yung door... oo nga .... kala ko iiyak ako eh pero ... ang saya... ang saya talaga... thank you ha...galing galing"

I felt my face light up, I was so happy coz I actually thought my eyes fooled me the day before, because I saw her gush when the door opened, she was smiling awkwardly, just like a girl in love.

uuuuuuy kinikilig?!?!!!!!! hahaha! :-)

Beautiful pictures by Mimi and Karl, as usual ;-)


Anonymous said...

uyyyy shet ms v!!!! i'm so tats.... part na rin ako ng blog mo!!!! :D ano pa ba masasabi ko e maganda talaga ang gown ko, kabog lahat ng gown, shempre... Veluz eh! wala lang nakakatuwa naman naalala mo pa mga pinagsasabi ko dati! hahaha!!! sa dami ba naman ng mga brides mo!!! thanks ulit sa napakaganda kong gown... at shempre ang aking groom, whatta man nung araw na iyon dapper in his veluz suit! regards to everyone! hope to see you all soon! :)


Anonymous said...

kagandahang v, inggit ako! gustoi ko na ulit ikasal...

hey mag-f-flowergirl ang baby ko sa december... sayo kaya ako pagawa ng dress niya? mag-suplada ba at kailangang veluz flower girl ang baby ko? ;)

ni-joke ko nga yung friend kong ikakasal eh... sabi ko suot ko yung wedding gown ko sa wedding niya... maldita talaga! hahaha!!!

Candy :) said...

hay steph is really not your ordinary bride! i think lahat ng tao mas excited sa kanya for her wedding - including me. hahaha. me thinks she and mimi came from the same tree! :D

i love her gown tlaga. as in totally love it. parang steph na steph... i can't see steph wearing petticoats and huge skirts. di cya yun hehe :)

one of my favorite veluz gowns ever! :D


chiechie said...

I saw her photos on Mimi+Karl's site. That was the halter neckline I had been eyeing before I went to visit your shop. :D

Kaso sabi mo may ibang neckline na mas bagay sa akin... Sino ba naman ako para tumutol sa isang expert na tulad mo, dba?? At ang ganda-ganda naman kasi ng gown ko! haha! Lumabas lahat ng kalandian na matagal nang nakatago sa aking katawan simula nung makita ko yung sketch mo :D hihihi....

See you all next week! Feeling maganda na naman ako sa shop mo :p

Anonymous said...

Ang ganda naman simple and elegant but very sexy....akin din pwede ganyan?:-)

Anonymous said...

Love the neckline!:) and the details as well! Ganda ganda! Way to go Veluz!

Anonymous said...

ang cute ni steph! turn ko naman magsabi ng..."NAKS!!!" :-)

ms v...ganda ng gown! AND ganda nyo rin! :)

Candy said...

I love love this gown.
syempre, pano ko naman hindi mamahalin.. made by miss V!

jen penaverde said...

another gorgeous creation.. love the sparkle of the gown... veluz, gawa mo ulit ako another gown.. ha!ha!ha! ~ jen (tokyo)

Anonymous said...

can't wait for mine...i love your work tlaga!

Words and Steel said...

This gown is amazing!

Also, I just started blogging my own wedding photos- your dress is featured in my most recent post :)