Friday, April 17, 2009


Joelene is one bride I will never ever forget - not just for her beautiful face, her wit and candor, her American Idol worthy voice, her handsome groom (haaay...), her dyosa mom, her fabulous wedding, but because she made me cry and laugh at the same time when she sent me this ---

To the best couturier in the universe, the wonderful and talented Ms. V

It's been over a month since our special day. The flowers are wilted, the food long gone, and we are back to our daily life here in the States. But seriously, not a day goes by when Remar and I don't reminisce about our beautiful wedding and our amazing suppliers. On this year's Valentine's Day card, Remar wrote to me, "You looked so beautiful in your dress. That was the proudest moment of my life." He could not have said it any better.

The dress was stunning. Our guests would later tell me that they gasped and cried tears of joy when the church doors opened and they saw me standing there. Everyone could not stop talking about the dramatic bolero and long train. They kept repeating over and over how it truly matched the feel of the ancient church. How it was traditional, yet cutting edge in its design. How it truly enhanced me on our special day.

Perhaps more important than how it looked is the way it made me feel. Ms. V, I felt incredible in the dress! How is it possible that this dress flushed away all of my insecurities about my figure and my body? How is it possible that the dress was ULTRA comfortable, despite all of its embellishments and kakikayans? As soon as I put it on that day, all of my worries faded away. I relaxed. For I knew that I looked amazing. The pictures don't lie. The dress and I look great from every angle. Not an easy thing to do, considering my, er, "voluptuous" proportions. I'm not ashamed. I'm 170 lbs. Did I look it at all? No. Like I said, the dress is nothing short of miraculous and amazing. =)

I knew I was right to trust you completely. People don't believe me when I tell them that I only met my dressmaker one week before the wedding. Thank you for all the laughter! Thank you for going above and beyond your duties with the flower girl dresses! Thank you for not stealing my groom! You are a worthy opponent, and Remar had a hard choice to make! Please tell Niko and Ate Lempot thank you as well. They were so much fun, and I'm glad you changed your mind at the last minute and decided to come to Bohol!
Thank you for creating boobs for me! Remar had to have been disappointed when he took the dress off and realized it was all an illusion!

I keep hoping and praying for an opportunity to wear the dress again! Thank you talaga Ms. V. From the bottom of my heart. The dress reminded me of when you first fall in love. The butterflies, anxiety, daydreams, sweetness, excitement intermingled with passion and longing. And what's better than that? =)

With much love always,
Joelene Balatero

nothing joelene, nothing is better than that! :-)
thank you! you made me twitterpat again.

here are pictures from the destination wedding spelled F-U-N!
made me want to go to more :-)

awesome pictures from the original Guy and Pip of the wedding industry ;-)

here's Jason's best video ever! find out why ..... hihihi ;-)

Joelene and Remar from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

perfect planning and coordination by Ernest Diva
elegant smoky eyes by Madge Lejano and The Make Up Studio


giday said...

hi Ms. V, wala na po ako masabi talagang magaling po kau talaga. sobrang excited na ako pag ako naman magsusuot ng gown,,,
thanks po. ingatz palagi. God bless. mwah!!!

Candy :) said...

ms v... ang ganda ganda tlaga ng bride and the dress and the pics and the smokey eyes.

the dress is truly amazing. pati si lui na wala masyadong alam sa fashion e napa "wow! ang ganda nung dress" nung pinakita ko sa kanya yung pics sa site nila m+k.

you're truly amazing! hay ang galing tlaga super... hehehe..

miss you po! see you soon! sana makapagdinner tayo with jenn and mama benz sa may hehe :)


Sheryl Kho-Bunagan said...

as usual, Ms. V. you never fail to wow everybody! excellent, fantabulous gown! WOW! :) I totally agree with Joelene, every bride that you make a wedding gown for, WILL ALWAYS wonder when she can wear the gown again. :) Joelene, you looked stunning in the gown. Congratulations!

Joelene said...

Ms. V- thank you again talaga, from the bottom of my heart. Words will never be enough to express my complete gratitude. Kisses to Niko and Ate Lempot as well (perhaps Niko had enough kisses...).

Sheryl-Thank you. I am always proud to say that I am a Veluz bride.

Apol said...

beautiful beautiful bride!! at Ms. V, kailangan may ganung smile and wave? best vid nga of Mr. Magbanua ^_^
oh, the gown's made the bride look even more perfect on her wedding. Veluz brides are truly blessed. waaaa magpapakasal nlng ulet ako 3yrs from now tas sau ako pagawa :p

chiechie said...
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chiechie said...

I saw your cheery face on the video! And your bride is indeed very beautiful, as beautiful as the dress you made for her ;)

Jen Gonzales-Esteban said...

hi ms. v! hmmm.. now i know why its the best video that j mag has ever done! why not? =)
It makes me very excited with my gown as well! just like what I said "its a dream come true" and OMG! first fitting plang, i want to run na on the aisle! more power!

Janet Ravanilla said...

Ms. V, grabe ganda nga ng bride mo! Her beauty was enhanced even more with your fabulous creation. Happiness!!! Haha! Hayy, can't wait for my turn to be a Veluz's bride. Tagal pa nun eh, kalurky. Ingat ms. V! Hugs and kisses to Niko, ate Jen, and ate Gercel! =)

Kez Cajes said...

Hi Ms V, kakaiba ang back detail ahh galing mo talaga. I enjoyed our online fitting,exciting pala ng ganun!? pasensya na sa Mama ko hindi masyado nagsasalita habang ngpi pin sabi ko hindi marunong magtagalog...ayyy iningles nyo pa ba naman mas lalo hindi nagsalita tuloy.hhehe malapit na July po can't wait to visit your shop and meet Nikko and Gercel. Thanks po. Kez

Cindy Villabona-Ignacio said...

very beautiful bride. lalong gumanda because of the gown! naks!

p.s. I asked noel sino fave supplier nya nung wedding namin. sabi nya, ikaw daw (kahit di mo sya bati! hahaha!). pareho kami....text me if you need anything!

christine of w@w said...

i heart the gown...very lovely bride indeed. :-) laughed out loud when i read your blog ms. V especially the "boobs" part. hahaha. i love the bride's wit. :-) can't wait to meet you ms. V and can't wait to be a veluz bride...there's something magical everytime a bride wears a veluz creation. :-) can't wait for my turn.

judy g said...

ang ganda! ang pretty! ang gorgeous! ang astig! ang kikay!

winner ka, ms. v! :D

Cie said...

Very pretty bride, and of course very beautiful gown! :-)

Best wishes to the lovely bride!
Miss you Ms. V!


Dorothy said...

'Love the gown Ms. V!!! Nice!
I like the details you put at the back! :O) ... 'Can't wait for mine ... :OP

Unknown said...

ang wedding na walang stress puro pressured! dramatic, elegant, timeless and yet sya pa rin... looorve it!!!! groom na lang kulang ko, magpapagawa na ko sayo.

Lia Del Castillo said...

super ganda ng gown nya, miss v! I'm so excited for my turn! =) hehehehe super lapit na natin magfittings!
Na-touched ako sa sulat syo ni Joelene grabe hehehe

Ernest said...
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Ernest said...

Veluz, thank you for making my bride beautiful on her wedding day. Thank you for the company and most of all thank you for the friendship. Cheers to more Veluz-Ernest clients! =)

arlene thay said...

this is my favorite gown yet, ms v!!!! i miss working with u! i actually have a cousin i'm referring you to... ill call u tomorrow :)

hugs and miss u and niko!!!!

Em ni Seph (lapit na kami hihi) said...

Ms. V :) the bride is really beatiful. And the dress, it's an understatement if I tell that it is beautiful too.. :) ang ganda! sobrang ganda! :) Can't wait for my turn! hhaaaayyy..kakain love ka Ms. V :)

veluz said...

wow!!! ang daming comment!! thank you so much girls :-) kinikilig na naman ako hihihi :-)

kez - nahiya naman ako kay mommy!! kasi sabi mo di nya ako naintindihan nung tagalog eh, la kasi ako Australian accent! sayang, gusto ko pa naman friends kami ni Mommy :-) big hug to mommy! :-)

Escie bossing ni Rudy said...

Hi Joelene, congrats sa wedding and you are indeed a very BBB (beautiful and blushing bride)!!!

Hi Mommy V, i love the gown... Asteeeeg ka talaga!!! Payakap nga.. mwah!!!

Well yan talaga ang magic mo.. u can make every bride beautiful, stunning, happy & contented.. I'm so glad I that I'm also a Veluz bride.. mwah..

Anonymous said...

Hello Veluz,

Would you mind checking your email? I have contacted you quite a few times regarding making a gown for an overseas wedding...

Thanks a bunch!!

veluz said...

hello Anonymous, can you please state your name? I always check my email and I get more than a dozen emails everyday from overseas brides.

Anonymous said...

I so love the doc sheryl's wedding dress. The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it. Hope to be one of your BBB Miss V.