Friday, February 13, 2009


She is probably the giggliest, most excited bride I've worked with. You can hear her voice slightly a pitch higher when she arrives for fitting but suddenly turns silent the minute she wears her gown. It scared me at first, is she disappointed? naku, lagot! but I realized later, she was just holding it in! Less than an hour later, she'll send me an SMS full of thanks and love that you can actually feel her screaming of joy! There was even one time that her groom thanked me for making his bride that happy. I was touched. :-)

And Judy is an only child with a very protective father, imagine having your dad peeking inside your classroom making sure you're okay? and this didn't happen in her kindergarten class, she was already taking her Masters degree! I love him!!

I am just so thankful that I didn't disappoint her. And I will forever cherish the time when her mom thanked me on the wedding day - "pinalapit ako sa yo ng dad ni judy para sabihin salamat daw ha, ang ganda ganda raw ng anak nya"

awwwww I almost hugged him! hahahaha! :-)

here she was on her wedding day :

and here's what she sent me after - Hola Ms. V!!!!

Err...where do I begin?! I think I'm lost for words. hehee :o) I was never outspoken with this, but I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you, with Niko darling, and with all of your other staff as well. You all have been sweet and kind and friendly and accommodating...not just to me, but to my family as well. From the very first time I spoke with you, to the emails, to the countless kulit texts, to the personal visits -- every fitting is simply one-of-a-kind... *sigh* Thank you so much for being soooooo uberly patient with me...for keeping up with my perkiness! I'm just really, really, really happy (well, probably the word 'happy' is an understatement right now!) I found you and that you've said yes to design and craft my wedding dress.

I guess no amount of words could really express how deeply I appreciate everything you did for John and I.'s my[our] version of saying "THANK YOU"!

I never called myself the perfect client.
Demented, giddy, and at times, inconvenient.
The moment she sent me her designs,
Instantly I knew, a psycho will be refined.

Sketches I can't even draw on my mind,
Captured by her ideas, they're just so divine.
Golly! It was remarkably a flawless gown,
Simply staring at it, I cannot wear a frown.
For the second time, I morphed into a princess.
Even my prince, he, too, thought I'm a goddess.

Exactly what every girl wants,
Definitely raves, not rants.
A dress only catered to my satisfaction,
Definitely, 'twas crafted to sheer perfection.

She taught me what "fru-fru" means,
Oh, "fabric flowers" -- that's what it is!
I have adored her sense of fashion.
Even paid more tribute to her passion.
She was obviously my accomplished dream.
A bride can have everything so it seem.

Truly, I will miss each visit to her shop,
Even dear Niko, who made all my props.
Hear me when I say, I take the highest pride,
To become one of the happiest Veluz' bride!

With all sincerity and in it's simplest form, John and I give you BIG thanks...for anything and everything. You guys are all super fabulous to work with.

I love you, Ms. V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Judy, I am deeply touched. I will surely miss your shrieks :-)

Photos by Fol Rana and Mimi and Karl (ayaw nya ng pictures 'no?)
Coordination by Ernest Pascual of Events! Events! (di sya masyadong kikay, promise :-)


Anonymous said...


Kilig moment po ito, promise!!!! Halata po ba masyado? :D

I looooove my gown. Wait...that's really an understatement. I super looooove my gown. hahaha

You're my gown goddess, Ms. V! Super love and miss you :D

Anonymous said...

nakakatuwa naman! :)

hi judy! tapos ka na rin sa wakas & of course a super happy veluz bride. galing!!!

veluz!!! musta na? preggy na naman ako. heehee! tabachoy na naman!!! :P hope all is well with you and niko!

Ramil and Macy said...

Grabe Veluz super super ganda!!!! You never cease to astonish us! I want to get married over and over again (syempre with the same man) para I'll have lots and lots of Veluz gowns hehe. :)

Apol said...

another gown that made me feel even more super inggit *sigh* another uber beautiful lucky bride!

Anonymous said...

Another satisfied Veluz bride! Ibang level ka talga Ms. V, haha! By the way, I called your office and spoke with Jercel (naku po na-murder ko ata ang spelling)...I have an appointment with you na! Kaya lang wala pa yung sketch ko but that's ok. Ingat! I can't wait to see in next month =)

Anonymous said...

Ooppss..typo correction lang Ms. V...can't wait to see YOU next month...Take care! =)

Anonymous said...

wow, this is my fave gown so far. it looks so perfectly crafted! i've been waiting a while for a new blog and this is definitely worth the wait! loved it. can't wait!!! :)

chiechie said...

It's the shoulder-neck treatment that did it! Bravo!

Everyone join me in applauding Veluz once more! *clap* *clap* *clap* :)

Anonymous said...

Aaawwwhhhhh ... FABULOUS gown !!! grabe i can feel the happiness you brought to each bride :)

btw, great poem Judy! :)

i cant wait for my turn! promise kiling ako hehehe :)

your the best Ms.V, Niko and V's angels :)

Anonymous said...

Ms V. im super duper excited na din! are really god's gift to us brides-to-be. hehehe...

see you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Liezl! Hi there! Yes, overly happy!!! :) Congrats and good luck with the pregnancy ha.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words! I was telling Ms. V earlier na that gown gave me a split personality...fabulous and super fabulous. hehe :D She really made me a superstar on my wedding day!

Anonymous said...

Ms. V!!!

This gown is so beautiful :) Bride looks fantastic :) Na excite tuloy ako sa gown ko kahit matagal pa. Sana pag gising ko bukas October na! Hahahaha! Ill see you very soon!


Mel said...

hi veluz!

remember me? mel here...nov 26th 2006 wedding musta na kayo ni nico? Mwaaah! Nafeature ba gown ko dito haha :) miss u :) May blog me :) :)

Anonymous said...

Ang ganda naman...very elegant ang design bagay na bagay sa bride.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love the feather | bead | pearl accent you created on the shoulder!

Would it be ok if i included it in an inspirational board that i am creating for our blog?

veluz said...

hi gretchen! :-) oh yes, absolutely! i'd be honored to have one of my works featured in your blog :- ) thanks thanks!

hi kez! thanks ha, I'm sure super nice din ang gown mo, nawiwindang lang ako kakaisip how you can wear it on your own :-/ don't worry po, we'll think of a way :-)

naman Melissa! of course, i remember you, posted it in my Multiply site po. sobrang dami ko ngang backlog dito eh. nagpatong patong na yung mga gusto ko i-post. hay :-(

hahaha! thanks Joey :-) excited rin ako sa gown mo!!! super talaga :-)

awww thanks Thess :-) touch ako :-)

excited na Mitch?! hahaha ako excited na for you, imagine ikaw na ang bibihisan ko!!! eh kayang kaya mo na yun eh! hahahaha! (to my readers, Mitch is one of Events by Clarice' most reliable coordinator, OC na kung OC yan! hehehe)

di talaga kita kinaya Chie! hahahah! ... sabay bow!?! ... (kapal ko!) nyahahahaha!

hello abie! (red with shame) please please have more patience ha for the sketch :-) super thanks!

see you very soon Janet! :-)

awwww Apol :-) thanks ha, you flatter me! please please enjoy your preps. once lang yan! sarap maging bride, kung pwede lang ulit ulitin eh! minus the gastos :-D

hahaha Macy! maraming maraming wedding gowns?! ang saya nun! hahahahah! pang mall, pang sine, pang supermarket, y not?! hahahah!

yehey! mataba na ulit si liezl!!! :-)

judy, parang naririnig ko ulit ang tili mo ah! hahaha! labyu!

Unknown said...

@ i am mitch!
mitch! kakasal ka na din?! naku it's your turn to somersault sa aisle hehehe :) cant wait to see your gown! :)

hi ulit ms v! :D