Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I've been getting a lot of email requesting that I update my blog na.
Kakaguilty kasi mag-update ng blog when you know you have so many unanswered emails pa :-( But I'm catching up! Sketches na lang :-/

Here are some of my brides last December.
Girls that made my head spin and caused my sleepless nights but made me truly happy and made it all worthwhile :-)

Photos by Mango Red

Photos by Dino Lara

Photos by Dino Lara

Photos by Mimi and Karl

Photos by Mimi and Karl

Photos by Dino Lara

Photos by Dino Lara

Photos by Oly of Metrophoto

Photos by Dino Lara

Photos by Jeff and Lisa Photography

Photos by Mimi and Karl


Unknown said...

ang gaganda! i'm so excited for my gown! bawing-bawi ang long absence nyo po sa pag-blog! more power and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow Grabehhh Ms V! Wala kang kupas talaga mapa Pina,Lace,Satin, Tulle, Chiffon at ano2x pa ang galing mo talaga! Ang ganda lahat, excited na excited na ako sa gowns ko.uhhhmmm lace at pina i can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Veluz!!! Thanks so much for this :o) As I told you, your gown made me feel beautiful inside and out. Not a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars for choosing you. I was drowning in compliments on my wedding day, thanks to your masterpiece :o)

I'm looking forward to wearing my gown again during the wedding of that rude girl who wore a white long-gown to my wedding. Talbog siya!!! Mwahahahahahaha! Love you! Miss you!

Candy said...


I feel so honored to be here!

Grabe! Everything is so beautiful!

Hay naku, I'm already planning an outfit in my head, where I can wear that ruffled top of mine.. hahaha

chiechie said...

Uuuuyyy... Na-inspire sya. Dami kasing fans e! :-)

See you next week! Hopefully magkasya pa ako sa gawa mo :-| Di nagkatotoo yung sinabi kong maggygym ako e... hahaha!

I'll tell mommy to bring pancit na lang para pambawi. :D

Anonymous said...

hi ms v!!!

Awww, such a beautiful gown I had on my wedding day. Your creation was loved by everyone! But more than anything, I loved how it made me feel, like a princess-bride! To quote Robbie Pinera, "how dreamy naman this wedding!", and you know, your dress had so much to do with the dreaminess, and loveliness of our special day. That was what was best about this gown, it embodied the elegant yet fun and whimsical feel that Rye and I wanted to capture on our wedding day.

I miss wearing my gown. Sana talaga brides could wear their gowns more than once, because if we could, i'd be all over it!

One of your many brides who will love you forever,

Anonymous said...

Hi Veluz!!! I'm not sure if you read our short note but in case you haven't just have to share here how immensely happy I am with the gown you made for me. I am truly truly honored to be one of your brides. Everyone loved the gown and more importantly, Joque loved it, which is of course the only validation I need. Thank you sooooooo much for taking care of me :) Mwaaaah! I'll see you soon, need to drop by for the gown conservation...

Candy :) said...

beautiful beautiful gowns!!! aylavet! :)

parang gusto ko ikasal ulit. pwede ba? same groom same suppliers? hahaha! i want!!! :p


Busy Bees said...

hi miss Veluz,

wow! I use to connect the gowns with the brides so im now happy i have my own Gown :)Thanks so much for your patience with me :) I love my gown. Ireallydo!!! wish i could get married again :)

Anonymous said...

Veluz!!!! namimiss na kita! thank you for posting some of our wedding pictures in your site.Everyone just fell in love with my beautiful gown and my very looong train:) as in!!! The gown was very me:)And Don looked gorgeous in his Veluz barong too. Grabe,if only I can walk down the aisle of Manila Cathedral with my gown over and over again.. I love you Veluz!!! Nami-miss namin ni Don talaga kayo lahat nina niko, gercel and the rest of the gang. Just continue to make more and more brides the happiest on their big day,okay?;) Mwaaah!

Anonymous said...

fantastic designs :) sheryl is my friend....now,i know the brain behind her gown!

i hope to be a veluz bride too...soon

everythingyellow said...

career na naman ang december for you veluz! i love checking out your blog to see your latest creations, and everytime can't help but gush at the dreamy gowns! pagkatapos, i look at our wedding pictures naman to see the gown you made for me again. it still leaves me breathless... really super happy about it pa rin. the wedding seems only yesterday. but married life has been great too! miss you! hi to niko and gercel! ---bianca

Anonymous said...

My highschool teacher used to say, "The best part of a woman's dress is the woman wearing it". I'd say, unless it's a Veluz gown =) You're gown makes a big part of a glowing bride, Ms. V. It makes every girl strut their stuff! Congratulations! =)

veluz said...

@dina - uuuuuyyy excited na? hahahaha!

@ kez - thanks ha, Im excited to make your gown/s na rin! hahaha

@ pagan - kalorkey ka talaga!!! you and only you can say and do those things! hahahaha!
I thank my lucky stars too that I didn't fail you :-)

@ chie - yehey!!! pansit! pansit! eh pano tayo papayat!? hehehe

@ carmela - ... and I will love you and your gown too forever! thank you so much for trusting. i really appreciate that not once did I feel any doubt from you.... kahit halos mabaliw ako sa skirt!!! hahahaha! kisses to ryan! sooobra ganda video at 1st dance. Kina-career ko tuloy daughter ko to take ballet lessons eh! :-D

@ kris - got it po! sorry ha super delayed reaction, can I post your gown here too? I am soooo happy with how it turned out and more than happy that Joqs love it :-)

veluz said...

@ candy!!!!!!
I am equally proud to post you here! :-) naku, nude colored lycra top and denims!! soooobrang fab mo nun! send me a picture ha when you do it :-) post ko ulit! hahahahaha!!!

kendz!! go pakasal ulit!!!
tapos picture tayo ulit ha! hihihi :-D

hey dot :-) thank you thank you talaga! I had so much fun making your gown!! and ayloooooveit!!! sobra fabulous pictures ha from Oly and M+K, nawiwindang ka na ba kakapili? :-D

i miss you too Cez!! and Don! miss ko na kulit mo! hahahahaha! and yes, you can do that! walk ka ulit sa aisle, samahan kita :-) love love love love you too! wala bola yan! :-)

thanks anonymous :-) hope I can make your gown too :-)

bianca! talagang ni-re-review!? sabagay ako din, nire-review ko lagi pics mo and yes, breathless din ako after, or more like gasping for breath every time I remember how difficult it was! hahahaha! thanks ha and I miss you and your gown too!! hi to toti :-)

awww thanks Arianne! touch ako!! penge rin pics pleeeez, post ko rin here :-)

Anonymous said...

yiheeee! naka-post na din ako dito :)) awww..ganda ng mga gowns Ms V. Pramis! You really made me beautiful on our wedding day, just by wearing the gown you made for me.I so love it!!! Even Csar loves his suit. Im just so thankful to up above that I got you (the one and only one I can think of doing my bridal gown, nothing else) and thankful to you & your team for making me that superb gown and csar's handsome suit.

Thanks thanks! Kaka-miss kayo grabe! Ang cake kakamiss din...hihihi.

Pramis, visit ka namin pag bisita namin sa pinas.



chiechie said...

Ang ganda ko kanina! Wiiiiii!!!! Grabe, nagkabewang na ako sa wakas! Di na kailangan magpapayat, kaya mo naman akong i-magic. Ang galing mo, karapat-dapat ka talagang alayan ng garland! Haha! :D

Thanks for a fun time, as always :) Can't wait for my next fitting... Hihihi... (na-carry over ko ang tawang mahinhin...)

Say thanks to Niko and the rest of the gang for me, Puy and my Mom. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, andito pala ako!! Hahaha, i didn't know until a friend gave me a link. ;)) Thanks Veluz for making my dream gown. Everyone was raving about it and they even got surprised when I had my blouse remove for the reception. I really love it! Thanks also to Niko, ganda ng moms' gowns, esp my mom's. Kahit na sumakit ulo nyo *wink*, it still turned out so beautiful. :D

Regards to everyone and more power. :) Mwah!

Anonymous said...

hi veluz! i can't help gushing over my gown until now kahit di pa tapos! hehehe. i am so glad i am a veluz bride. discovered you thru w@w but was trying to be within a set budget. but i would often come back and look at your website. finally sabi ni noel, "ay naku mag-veluz ka na. baka ako pa sisihin mo pag hindi." hehe.

i still wasnt that excited over the wedding kahit 2 wks to go na lang. but when i fitted the gown kanina, i am SOOOOOO EXCITED to get married in my VELUZ GOWN!!!!! love it. love you!!!

d3nd3n said...

winner at beauties mga december brides mo!!!! :)

may utang pa ko sa'yo, ms V. :) i miss niko.

Anonymous said...

hi veluz!!! thanks heaps for posting our photos! lahat ng nakakakita ng gown ko e tinatanong kung saan pinagawa. e shempre mega promote naman ako na Veluz po yan! :) and oo nga pala nakita ko din 1 photo ng gown ko sa videofest video ng threelogy! i'm soo happy kahit hindi kasama face ko sa shot na un! hope to catch up with you pagbisita mo kay brother mo! :) mwah!!

arls said...

wow... veluz, ang galing galing talaga. i wish i can be a veluz bride soon :) heheheh.

just dropping by to say hello and hope you still remember me :)

(dec 30, 2007 coordinator & bridesmaid)

veluz said...


miss na rin kita!! miss ko na rin ang cakes at tilapia!!! thank you so so much :-)

promise ha, dalaw ka ulit :-)

@ chie - heheheh naloka ako kakabasa ng blog mo ha, super duper thanks! nag-blush ako promise!

@ abie - di nga halata stress mo sa pics eh! hahaha! thanks thanks!

@cindy - uyyyy excited na!!! see you very soon! :-)

@denden - penge pics!! post ko rin :-)

@ria - hallleeer!! magkwe-kwento pa nga sana ko kung pano ka pumalakpak pag entrance mo eh hahahahaha!! kaso dami ko pa backlog sa emails eh :-( mwah!

hi arlene!! thanks ha!! hanap na kasi ng groom!! ayaw mo ba kay niko? hahahahahaha! :-)

Joy Grace said...

hi Veluz...twas nice to finally meet you. I was very excited tlaga. Love your work...super! Looking forward to working with you soon :)