Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am dead tired from all the meetings and fittings I had today but reading this email somehow renewed me... reminded me of what my work is all about ...

"hi veluz, this is a fan mail ;)

i know you from w@w since i joined them in 2006 when i planned for my july 2007 wedding. i so love reading about you, your gowns and your brides. inggit ako! i never gathered enough courage to meet with you coz i only have a small budget for my wedding. you were just part of my nice-to-have and not need.

now, i like reading blogs and i stumbled upon your site from a link from a fellow nawie naman. haha like deja vu, i saw your creations and it left me wistfully thinking that if money had not been an object, i should have gotten you to make my gown. i agree that a girl should be her most beautiful on her wedding day. your gowns are not just something to wear on that day -- it brings on the attitude, the romantic aura, the beauty of THE BRIDE.

i loved my wedding and the regrets are few and far-in-between. but i am now sorry that i wasn't a veluz bride. ;)

more power and congratulations on your continued success!


thank you.
thank you so much Andrea!
you make it all worthwhile :-)

di ko kinaya, may fan ako! hahahaha!

pahabol - to all those who are patiently waiting for sketches, please please please have more patience po, I am really working on it.


Mik said...

Aww ang sweet naman!

V, alam mo, 3 years na since my wedding but I still get emails about my dress! :) So am not surprised hehe. Saw you sa W@W teaser, grabe nakakamiss kayo!!

Take care, and say hello to Rene and Niko!! And your beautiful kids :)

Anonymous said...

Ako din fan! Sobra!! ;) Almost 1 month has passed since my wedding pero grabe everyday ko yata tinitingan yung mga pictures...the dress...the hairpiece... super thank you talaga and thanks for coming to Tagaytay although I know initially you weren't supposed to!! Ha!ha!ha! parang gusto ko ulit magpagawa ng wedding gown and ikasal ulit!

All the best to you, Niko, Gercel and the rest of your staff!!

Anonymous said...

Puwede ba ako magpasignature? :D Proud ako kasi Veluz and Niko bride ako. Pati asawa ko Veluz and Niko groom. :) At pati ang mga nirefer ko sayo, lahat masaya sa gowns nila. O diba?

Candy said...


I too was a fan.. still am. I swear you make the most gorgeous gowns! Even if I had a budget for a vera wang or monique lhuillier wedding gown.. I'd still pick you!
Hi to everyone!

Anne K. in L.A. said...

I have to agree with Andrea. I contacted you in April 2007 for my August 2007 wedding. It is my biggest regret that I did not have you make my gown.

Thankfully, I was able to help convince another U.S. blogger bride to use you. Her dress was stunning and I've only seen a few snapshots.

Continued success to you! Who knows, maybe I'll have a dress made for a vow renewal?

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms V! Naku ka-touch naman yang fan mo...nagtaka ka pa bonggang bongga naman talaga mga creations mo! That's why I have all the patience in the world for you...maging Veluz bride lang ako haha! Ingat! =)

disegnios said...

Hello Ms V and Niko! all i can say is "Ditto" ... I,too, am sorry for all non-veluz brides ... after my wedding, whenever i feel sad-and-not-so-fab , i just look at my dress again and I feel super fab na ulit hahaha luv u guys!

Anonymous said...

Ms. V, you and the rest of the team are really worth to have a fanbase. At miyembro na ako nun. ;) More power to you and Niko. Mwah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Veluz, Kez here, one of your makulit fan din po! Ay naku 4 months na ako nghintay ng sketches mo pero ok lang kasi alam kung bise po kayo. Ganyan kayo ka in demand Ms V,---- i'm the kind of bride who is willing to move wedding date para lang maging Veluz Bride!

veluz said...

ay ang saya saya! ang dami ko ng fans!! hahaha!
uhmm solid? national? that's entertainment na ito! hahaha!

jen! may tokyo chapter!? hihihi kapal ko grabe! :-D miss you and your gown jen, you made my new year more memorable.

but seriously, sobrang maraming salamat girls! ayaw na matanggal ng smile ko, promise :-)

miss you too Mik! ...and Daz syempre! hahahaha! :-)

veluz said...

kez! janet!
sobrang sorry talaga, malapit na malapit na po! thanks so much for your patience

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ... me din poh :) cant stop smiling while reading all the wonderful words.

Ms. V, you are truly a great designer and friend. Walvine and my friendszzz was so happy and amazed about the sketch. Im super duper happy to be a Veluz Bride :) Promiseeeee :) Cant wait for May ... mwuahhh !!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Veluz, me too!:(( How I wish I had asked you to make my gown. I always end up green with envy whenever I see the the Veluz brides and I know that I will never have the chance to remedy that wedding "regret".

Girls, to hell with the voice of only get married once (I only wish I had realized this sooner)!

Busy Bees said...

hi ms. V!

you deserve this!! :) add me up narin sa fan base mo. Talbog si Vera Wang !

notsquare said...

ms. veluz... i feel the same way...

Anonymous said...

Uy Ms V, sali ako dito siyempre. Naman. Gaganda ng gowns eh. Sabi mo nga sa w@w vidfeast teaser - "Aaaylaveeeet!" Gusto ko nga ulit suotin ung gown eh..kung pwede lang. :) Will drop by your shop pagbisita ulit namin sa pinas. Miss na namin kayo (including Niko syempre, my 'Niko pose' mentor :D) Am just proud to be a Veluz proud and Caesar (my hubby) a Veluz groom and my mom a Niko mom :)

Anonymous said...

Kelan na ang fans day? Nang maka-bili ng sampaguita necklace para isabit kay sta. veluz! Naks!! :D

Anonymous said...

Naku Ms. V, talagang uber talented ka. Ibang level ka, pramis! Pde ba ko maging President ng Fan Club mo, L.A. Chapter? haha!

Anonymous said...

Grabe! parang ganito din gusto ko isulat sau Ms. V kasi FAN din ako as in super duper to the max talaga! :) diko kaya Veluz Gown sa wedding ko, kaya pwede pa- sketch and pagawa na lang ng Gown na pwede pang-red carpet sa soon W@W events? hehe :)

btw, i saw u sa W@W VideoFest, kaya lang shy ako mag-pa-pic and ang cute-cute nyo sa personal :) and the dress is sooo Fab :)

Anonymous said...

ay sali ako diyan... i'm also a fan of kagandahang ms. v!... =)=)=)

Anonymous said...

so may fans club na pala si Ms. V! ang taray! e anong tawag sa mga fans?...hmmm Veluzians? :) hehe

veluz...thanks for the perfect gown :)

Anonymous said...

ahaha! ang layo na ng narating ng email ko =)

see, hindi lang ako ang fan :D

Anonymous said...

Hello po me ulit ... sobrang nakakatuwa tong blog na toh panalo ha promise! Great job Andrea!

Hmmm ... Veluz Fans Club not a bad idea ... from your loving VELUZIAN, Mitch *LOL*

lav you ms. v :)

Lia Del Castillo said...

ako din super fan! =)

Candy :) said...

ang daming fans ni ms v! haba ng hair.

umm... ako di ako fan... di masyado. hahaha

i UBER LOVE veluz and niko dear!!! :)


Anonymous said...

hi Ms. V!

It's been more than a month since our wedding but up to now, whenever I get a chance, I peek through our wedding pictures and video and can't help but giggle looking at my lovely gown :-) It brings me back down memory lane when I was at your shop for the first time... and you told me you've been waiting for the right bride who will fit into the idea/style you have in mind, hehe =D thanks again Ms. V!

Give my hugs and kisses to Niko, Ate Gercel, Pot, and the rest of the gang!

A proud Veluz bride,
Cie c",)

PS. Everytime I see you, I get starstruck, grabe... Dyosa ka talaga Ms. V... IDOL!!!

veluz said...

ay grabe! ang dami ko ng fans!

sobra na ito! kakahiya na ko! :-D
super thanks girls ha for the few minutes of fame, at least, alam ko na ngayon ang feeling ni Ate Guy! :-) (flying kiss sabay kaway) hahahahahah!

Anonymous said...

ms v sama din ako sa fans club!!!super excited na ko sa gown ko! sorry i was tahimik during the first fitting kasi i cant really believe na sinusukatan mo ko.hahaha!starstruck ako! :D

Ros Padua-Macachor said...

Hi Ms. V.,

I'm a soon to be bride (may ganon ba), and I've been visiting your site more than I need to. Minsan pinipigilan ko na ang sarili ko!

A part of me still wants to be practical, but a part of me is dying to be a Veluz Bride.

Reading the happiness of the ladies here who've had the experience, and the "regrets" of those who didn't is making me crazy! (Exagg ba?)

Hay... I truly hope you deserve all the praises you're receiving now. I hope I get to meet you soon, and more than that, be a Veluz Bride.

More power!

Gina said...

Miss V - ako rin, excited na sa outcome ng wedding gown ko. In preparation nga, sobra na pag-career ko sa pag-gym para di naman nakakahiya sa iyo. (LOL) See you again pag-uwi ko sa May.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. V.! I hope and pray na maging Veluz Bride rin ako..but I have yet to meet my Groom ;). More power for you sa lahat ng seasons! See you soon!:-)