Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Got a text message from Mimi on the way home to Manila from a Tagaytay wedding, it was actually past 8 and I was half asleep in the van. Niko, snoring in front. She was asking for my availabililty from October 9 to 11. Checked my calendar and those dates fell on a weekday. I swear, nagising ako bigla! I replied, "sukatan na ba ito? ikakasal ka na ba?"

She replied " shhh quiet muna, anuvah! planning pa lang! hehehe excited?"
I gasped and woke Niko up. Niko reached for his cellphone and started texting Mimi too hehehe :-)

"sus naman! cancel lahat ng fittings, meetings at kung ano pang anik anik! we will be there! san ba? Boracay, Batanes, Pagudpud, Bohol o Disneyland? hahahah, kahit san pa!"

She replied and asked how much leadtime we need for the gown. She's still trying to lose weight, just like the rest of the bride's population :-) I replied kahit one week pa, keri lang! hahaha"

But truth is, I tossed and turned later that night. I was already thinking what
gown will suit her. She is close to me, too close really, that made it difficult to single out an aspect of her to enhance - she is simple, fuss free but she's also very fond of details. Quite ironic, right? And she has seen sooooo many gowns! She may deny it, but she knows when its ugly hehehe :-)

Weeks later, I occasionally found myself exchanging text messages with Madge and Ernest, both very, very excited with the wedding and all its details. Madge even sent me pegs for Mimi's gown! hahahaha! She was going through the same ordeal as I was - making sure Mimi will be at her best, okay, and Karl too, when they say their much-awaited vows. It is the much-awaited event, and the pressure is overwhelming :-)

Mimi told me she didn't want any train, no beading, should be light and fuss free. I drew sketches, but at the back of my mind, I knew The One eludes me. Well, I can still make changes during fittings :-) She texted me after the meeting - "veluz, thanks ha, na-excite ako bigla!"
'nay! lalo akong na-pressure! hahahahaha! now, how can i convince her otherwise?!

Fittings happened and the gown metamorphosed. I was happy. At the final fitting, after removing inches again from her waist, grrrr, I knew I was ready. The gown was her - classy and subtly detailed :-)

Now, Karl is a totally different story. He didn't want to wear a suit!

"suit? Boracay? ayaw!" complete with a disgusted face

"ganda yun! linen naman yun eh, naka-gown kaya si mimi?!, tapos naka-polo ka lang?! naman!! di ka bagay sa kanya di ba"

"uhmmm, ayaw!"

"yun ang bagay sa yo eh. tsaka years from now, when you look at your bridal portraits, tatanungin ka bakit naka-polo ka lang? ija-justify mo pa lagi, sa boracay kasi yan eh, yan ang cool nun...beach wedding, etc etc.... dapat timeless yung look eh"

"hmmmm.... (head shaking) (ayaw talaga)"

"sige na karl! magpalit ka na lang sa reception! gagawan kita second look!"

"okay, sige" (while grinning)

gusto pala ng 2nd look?!?!! anuvah! sya pala ang bride?!? hahahaha!

Made his linen suit with matching 2 pants and 2 shirts for the reception, and I hate to make yabang, but he looked sooooo good!

The 2nd look deserves another long post, but since I hate him for not mentioning his mom does Hardanger embroidery. I won't make him bida in this post. I won't dwell on it hehehe, but it was tedious, 2nd looks are not that easy to make. It has to have the same impact as the 1st one or people will just ask you why you changed pa, di ba? Thank God, they liked it. It could've been nicer with the Hardanger embroidery. His mom made one for the pillow, it was so lovely I couldn't stop myself from pinching Karl's ear. Kung hindi lang nya kasal, I swear pinatayo ko sya sa corner! Kainis!

It wasn't easy coming up with outfits for these two. Once in awhile, brides would ask me about their outfits. One visit to their blog and you can't help but feel that there are so many people waiting for this event. There are just 80 guests expected, but God knows how many people are looking forward to get a glimpse of this wedding. They are celebrities in the wedding industry, there's no denying that. But come wedding day, it was pure bliss. There was no pressure, just excitement. No stress, just fun! Everyone was genuinely happy and everything just fell into place, in complete harmony.

Mimi was a sight when she started walking, and it wasn't just because of the gown nor the make up. Karl was perfect when he was saying his vows, and it wasn't just because of his hair or his suit. They were perfect because they were real, they were happy and everyone shared their happiness. Now isn't that what a wedding is all about? :-)

Awesome pictures by The Photographer's Photographer Jill Lejano and the Crush ng mga Flower Girls' Jake Versoza
Hair and Make up au Naturel by Madge Lejano and Super A
Perfect Video by Threelogy
Fantabulous Host CJ
Details Diva Ernest Pascual
Super Events Stylist Teddy Manuel
Reyna ng Boracay Amanda Tirol
ayaw ko ng adjectives talaga :-)


Anonymous said...

Correction, eto yung sinabi mo nun "Uy bakit?! Ikakasal na ba kayo?!! Grabe! Kakaexcite naman ito!!! Pilian na ba ng petsa?! :) :)" Nakasave pa yan and the succeeding messages after that. After reading them now, nahawa na naman ako sa kilig ninyo :D

Salamat ulit sa aking fuss free gown, dahil dun, talagang "madali lang pala maging bride" hahaha! Cliche man, but really, super thanks V&N for making our wedding, este party memorable :) (It didn't feel like a wedding at all!)

Miss na namin ang pagpunta sa Manila for the chismisans este fittings. See you guys soon sa mga weddings! Labyu!!

-your groom, err bride pala :)

d3nd3n said...

Ganda ng gown ni Mimi, bagay sa kanya. :)

Anonymous said...

Ms. V...err...ninang!...err...maid of honor! hahaha :)'s your adjective...

Gown Goddess! :)

Candy :) said...

ang ganda ganda tlaga ng gown!!! grabee. ang sexy ni mimi! sobrang naemphasize yung pagkapayat nya!! idol tlaga

gwapo gwapo ni karl! galing nyo tlaga mag convince!!! :D

miss you ms v and niko!

Anonymous said...

Mahal na modista, maligayang kaarawan! Siguro naman pahinga ka today? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday ms. Veluz..
God bless you always..

Anonymous said...

Oh my it's ur birthday?! Happy Birthday then!!! :)

Anonymous said...

another elegant gown na naman! uy oct. 9? 10? 11? in bora ba yung wedding? SAYANG !!! andun kami oct. 11-14 for our honeymoon promise...alam ko yang groove groove sa sand, sa may discovery shores yan, may picture pa kami hahaha! sayang balak ko mag gatecrash wearing your gown =)

Anonymous said...

Tita Veluz, the gown and suit of M+K were just perfect!:)

Anonymous said...

First..Happy B Ms. V!!! More Fab gowns to come and more happy brides for sure! The gown and suit look so gorgeous to both M+K! Ang sexy talaga ni mims!:):) and galing galing at napilit nyo si karl..Umaapaw talaga convincing powers nyo kagandahang Ms V! Bow talaga ko! hihihi..miss you..

Anonymous said...

Veluz! Bago matapos ang November, let me greet you a belated HAPPY BDAY!!! Hope you had a great one. And many more fantastic bdays to come! Parang kelan lang I was there in your old ofc on ur bday year '06 to do my fitting, then next fitting was next year na! haha! God bless you for making all your brides super duper happy :)

veluz said...

naka-save pa talaga mi? di halatang kinikilig ka! hahahaha! :-)

super thanks!

judy, di ko naman kinaya ang adjective! parang gusto ko ng pakpak, crown at scepter habang nagfi-fitting! :-D

thanks celina and kendz :-) grabeng pressure yan, promise :-)

my! dalin ba sa boracay ang gown!?! excess baggage ito! hahaha!

hi leah and marie! wow! mommies na kayo?!!! galing galing naman! soo happy for you! ingat kayo lagi ha

sharon, escie and to all those who texted me last nov.7 - thank you soooo much, sumakit daliri ko kaka-reply eh hahahah! touch ako :-)

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Wow ang ganda naman ng gown, galing nung designer. San niyo ginanap yung kasal niyo?

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