Saturday, November 22, 2008

Doc Sheryl

After two successful fittings, Doc Sheryl left for the US for her residency. Got an email from her a couple of months later requesting for a shrug. Just to make it more conservative and to appease her mom. Hmmm okay, shrug na naman :-( We did the pattern and had it embroidered immediately. It usually takes a month to finish one in embroidery.

I really have no qualms making shrugs, its just that I feel I've re-interpreted the shrug a million times already and brides everywhere are wearing it. I love its modesty, but surely there are other ways to be modest :-)

Come final fitting few weeks before her wedding and I was really delighted of how the gown turned out, we tried on the shrug for the 1st time, and yes, it was ok.
Bride happy.
Me, not so :-/
It can be more. She has this long swan-like neck that was just too hard to ignore.

I blurted out - "Baligtarin natin! "
"huh?! anong baligtarin?"
"baligtarin natin yung suot ng shrug!"
"huh?! bakit?"
"subok lang, malay mo, maganda.... subok lang eh... tayo tayo lang naman andito eh"
"hmmm... tapos? hmm, o sige, bahala ka"

we removed the shrug and assisted her in wearing it front to back. It transformed right before our eyes, that even her sisters exclaimed - "ang ganda!"

I was thrilled, finally, it was her :-) We adjusted some parts of it, re-shaped the collar to hug the neck and it was perfect.

Here' s Lisa Macuja errrrr Doc Sheryl and the shrug on her wedding day - so beautiful and so regal. Her mom was so pleased with how the gown turned out and prodded her not to remove "the shrug" for the reception. Mom happy, me veeeeeery happy. takot ako sa moms no! hahahah :-D

Oh and we did Doc Gary's barong and pants too :-)

As expected, I got my usual dose of alaska from Bong and Cj of Threelogy, and Karl about the baligtad na shrug and for something else, which I'd rather not discuss here. It wouldn't be normal to be spared from these guys. They just love me... They just love to make fun of me. Grrrrr. Di ko na talaga ulit sila gagawan ng suit! :-D

Air brush make up by amoy London Madge Lejano and Hair by Felicity of The Make up Studio
Pictures by the newlyweds Mimi and Karl.
Onsite by Threelogy
OTD by the The 3rd Party


Anonymous said...

..hmm..has it something to do with "body scrub"? hehe :P

congratulations on the exceptionally beautiful gown you made for She. you made her more beautiful than she already is (if that's possible) :)

it was nice meeting you outside the church before the wedding.

it's me..mimi and karl's dec. 20 bride ;)

Anonymous said...

awwww..ang ganda ms v... stunningly beautiful...

gusto ko na ata kabahan...wag mo ako pagsuotin ng baligtad na train ha..wahahahah!

todo na 'to.lapit na kami..excited na ako to see u and niko :)

mialatte said...

This post inspired me to look at my precious Veluz gown again :)

How about a post regarding cleaning (and preserving) our dresses? I'm sure my fellow Veluz brides who have been slacking on post wedding duties (including sending Veluz/Niko photos of her wedding-hehe) would appreciate some tips. :)


Ramil and Macy said...

Ang ganda! :) I originally wanted a gown with shrug, pero buti na lang you convinced me to have the one with the neckpiece!

Mommy ko super love ka. Sinabihan na yung brother ko pagkinasal na sya, gusto nya ikaw gagawa ng bridal gown ng gf nya. :)

Eater's Digest said...

Dearest Veluz, Nikko and everybody...I would like to say thank you for making the most beautiful gown i have ever worn and probably will EVER wear in my entire life, kung pwede ko lang suotin ang gown every single day....and for making the most dapper and handsomest barong that Gary's every worn. I swear, ang gwapo niya that day :) Thank you, thank you, thank you talaga.... Ang galing ng idea mo sa "shrug"!!! I hope to see you all soon. I had so much fun from fittings to the actual thing. :)

Eater's Digest said...

btw, i am honored to be part of your FEATURED BRIDES... dati ko lang tinitingnan ngayon ako'y bahagi na. naks :)

veluz said...

hi Krista!!
naku, hindi noh! flawless si sheryl!! mabuto nga lang!hahahaha!

so glad to have met you too. hmmp, good luck sa wedding ha! (sour graping? hahahahah!)

nah, seriously, enjoy your day ha and thanks so much for the compliment :-)

@Lorna - natawa ko dun ha! wag worry, di baligtad ang train...pero pag pumayat ka pa rin, baligtad na talaga! hmp! :-) lapit na!!!!! see you very very soon!

@Maniya - awwwwww, touch ako! sige, will try to post something about gown cleaning and preservation pero.... pictures muna! hahahaha! :-D

@Macy - yehey!!! please extend my kisses to your mom ha, pakisabi rin labs ko sya! hahahah! di naman halatang sipsip no?! :-D

veluz said...

hey Sheryl! :-)

thanks too ha, sobrang ganda mo nung wedding talaga, promise. binulungan pa nga ako ni Madge sa labas ng church eh - "ganda nya no?!, parang ang yaman yaman talaga! hahahahha!!"

we'll miss you too!!! kupit ako pics mo from Mimi ha, update ko tong post ko pag meron na :-)

mwah! mwah! mwah! ingat lagi!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha may ganun??? ano vaaa!!!! ibang klase ang introduction... di na daw SHRUG ang tawag, sabi nga ni Bong Sare its GURHS by ZULEV... since binaliktad ni veluz baliktarin narin ang tawag and name nya hehehe pero, bong i have to admit its a nice idea! pasok eh!... galing mo tlga mother veluz!!!

Anonymous said...

At Krista! ikaw pa tlga ang naunang mag comment no!?? grrrrr! =) nang iinis veluz... hahahaha! Mas enjoy kung andun kami ni Veluz it could have been perfect (sour graping) wahahaha! laglagan???

Anonymous said...

Veluz, your reinvented shrug is awesome!!

MOre reversible shrugs to come! JOWK!! =P

Candy :) said...

ms v, only you tlaga :) ikaw lang makakagawa nyan and still get away with it! :) galing :)

btw, daan ako sa dec... any pabilins from singapore? :)

* said...

wow, ang ganda!!! that's one of the most beautiful gown i've seen. kainggit, gusto ko ikasal ulit! haha. btw, thanks sa mickey tuxedo and minnie dress ng twins ko. mwah!

Lia Del Castillo said...

Ms. Veluz!!! You're the best talaga. I love the gown! =) And naiyak din ako sa kanyang walk down the aisle, shux hehehehe =) Di ko pa kasal yan a! Hahahahaha =)

Eater's Digest said...

miss v!!! hanggang ngayon, napapanaginipan ko pa rin ang gown na ginawa mo para sa akin... :) namimiss ko na siya. kung pwede ko lang suotin araw araw... haaayyyyyy.....ipapamana ko yan sa anak ko. ipipilit ko sa kanya! :) hehehe...merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

ms v!!! super late comment pero go pa din :D very very beautiful gown (yet again)...looks so classic and timeless promise!!! clap* clap* clap*
miss you na ;D lapit na ulit ko kayo kulitin ;D

Anonymous said...

Love the gown, Veluz... ha!ha!ha! naiingit ba?!? Parang gusto ko na ng embroidery!! I am excited to see you guys again and do another fitting!!

Anonymous said...

hi miss v.
she really looks great ... the gown was really magical...

now im excited sa gown ko din kahit matagal pa ko ahhaha.

josh (your feb 2010 bride)

JINGLOT said...

hi ms. v, i always check out your blog every now and then because i so looovvveeee yor gowns. i love the details and the artistry. every gown is truly a work of art. i was there in the wedding of Doc She, because she is a friend of my boyfriend Doc Jo and Garry happens to be his brod in ZBM.

We both loved the gown!!!

I was so surprised because when i checked this site again to recommend you to my sister whos getting married next year that you made Doc Sheryl's gown. I hope you'll also do mine in my time = D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

grabe! super ganda ng gown!! ang ganda naman kasi ng bride :):) kakainggit :) the gown has it all. parang sinsabi nya na super ganda ko! hehehe :)

-issy :)