Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Photographs and Photographers III

Paul Vincent is the 2006 W@W Supplier of the Year. I guess no more words are needed to justify how good he is.

Aside from his obvious excellent skills in photography, he is such a delight to work with. I love him! and Ayvih too!! Consistently passionate with his work, never fails to make us laugh whenever he looks at his shot and like a teenage boy, whimpers in an ascending tone - ang gandaaaaaa! ang ganda ganda!!! (habang kinikilig ha!) :-)

Thanks Paul and Ayvih for making my brides more beautiful with your wonderful pictures :-)




raissa said...

oh wow you made Bubbles' gown, no wonder. I really liked it. She and I go way back, way, way, way back. Shes like family. Her family and our family have been friends forever even before we were born.

veluz said...

hi raissa :-)

thanks ha, glad you like it. i like it too hehehe :-)

and thanks too for dropping by