Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ads and May

Being a Clothing Technology student in UP is like joining a sorority or entering an all-girls school where everyone is either a gamine, an ingenue or a classic lover - all styles defined and non compromising. It was fun to be with a company of girls who love clothes as much as I do. I had but three boy classmates then who were well on their way to becoming girls themselves. :-) And all of us were ruthless, even merciless in criticizing clothes. I can still remember how these classmates criticized the hemline and seam construction of my gown at my own wedding. It took more than just a bit of courage to go near their tables hehehe :-) The image of them snipping swatches of my gown and doing a burn test to check the fiber content, kept playing in my mind. Oh how I miss their company!

Thus, it was a delight and a challenge making clothes for these former CT students. Batch way lower but not less forgiving when it comes to clothes.

Ads and May are both classic lovers, in my opinion. But somehow they wanted their gowns to have that CT-ish appeal. No surprise since they will be having batchmates as guests in their wedding. I can totally relate to how they felt.

Here they were on their wedding day :


True enough, come wedding day. I saw one of Ad's batchmates wearing a pillbox hat made from a hot water bag -- or maybe it was a pin cushion? :-) May had some fashionista friends as well and some named designers as guests.

Imagine my relief when Iskra, Ads' former CT Teacher and one of my closest college buddy complimented the gown. She's ruthless when she criticizes clothes and more unforgiving when it comes to grammar hehehe :-) love you, Ish!

May sent me this after -

Thanks so much for a job well done! Two of my designer friends Earl Semitara (designer of Lee) and Gian Romano loved my gown! Galing daw talaga!

Ads naman sent me this -

Lots of your brides already told you how much you complete their wedding, and i assure you that i am one of them. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing your gift and talent to all the clueless and misguided brides out there, including myself, even if I'm a CT grad. ... i love your designs because you go out of the box... And i think hanggang tumanda ako, i will have that Veluz seal that made me really proud.

Awww thank you girls! You made me proud. :-)

Special thanks to Nelwin Uy, Ems Van Goth for Nelwin Uy Photography, May's friend and Jayson Arquiza for the wonderful pictures.

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