Friday, July 04, 2008


Macy came to me with no idea on what she wants.

She's got this beautiful olive skin, trim body and a fashion sense I so love - vintage-y yet edgy. Classic yet punky. Niko and I adores her! Aside from having hassle-free fittings, not once did she come to the shop without us almost ripping her out off her pretty pretty outfits.

I drew a sketch exactly like how I envisioned her to be - in white, in a classic silhouette with an edgy detail - a neck-clinging collar? errr bib? errr neckpiece? ... I think my fashion vocabulary ran out this time :/

I knew this will be perfect for her and her finely chiseled shoulder. Even Master Dino, in his mild manner yet mischievous way, complimented how the gown highlighted her toned arms and shoulder. Knowing how exposed he is to beautiful gowns, I get high when he notices gowns I make. :-)

Here she was on her wedding day, awesome pictures taken by The Master

link to Bob Nicolas' fabulous on site -

and here's what she wrote me after

Hi Veluz and Niko!

I cannot fully express how happy and grateful I am to both of you. Thanks so much for being a part of our wedding. It was truly memorable. And my wedding gown was simply perfect!! I so love it! Ramil loves it. Everybody loves it! One of the first few things Ramil whispered to me when we met at the church was how beautiful my gown was. It was just what I wanted - simple, yet very classy and elegant. And definitely not your usual wedding gown! And course, the cuffs and headpiece also got pansin by everybody ha! They wanted to get married na rin!

Continue making every bride the most beautiful on her wedding day!

Oh btw, I was really touched that you were there on my wedding. Grabe, perfect icing on the cake! You guys really made me the happiest bride!

when I asked her permission if I can post her pictures, here's her reply :

OMG I'd be super flattered!

When I first went there, I had really no idea what kind of gown I wanted. But I was so darn sure I wanted you to make my gown. Magtanan na lang ako if hindi rin Veluz wedding gown! (Sorry I had to nakaw your line, hehe). I'm so proud to be a Veluz bride!!!

awwww touch ako! thanks Macy! thank you sooo much for trusting me , you will always be special :-)


Candy said...

I saw this when she posted her wedding photos on w@w.. and all i could utter was.. WOW..
another job well done!
galing talaga :P

Candy :) said...

i knew it! when i saw the photos in dino's blog i knew it was your gown :)

nagtatalo pa kami ni jenn (of threelogy) kung sayo or not :D

ang ganda ganda... parang gusto kong ikasal ulit para may veluz gown ulit ako! (kaso ang mahal na ata!) hehe

miss you ms v! :) see you.


Ramil and Macy said...

Awww. :) When ko kaya pwede uli suotin gown ko? :)

Anonymous said...

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veluz said...

hey Candy thanks! lapit na rin sa yo! excited na? :-)

hehehe maghulaan pa talaga? sino daw kala ni Jen? misyu too kendz! hi to Lui! :-)

macy! kahit saan! sa mall, nood ka sine, supermarket, meeting.. bakit ba? eh gusto mo mag-gown eh, kaya ba nila yun? hehehe misyu!