Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Niko was very excited when Lora first called us. Lora used to be the beauty editor of a leading newspaper as well as the former editor-in-chief of a teen fashion magazine. Read - she definitely knows more than a thing or two about fashion :-)

She didn't disappoint when she first came to the shop. Aside from her flawlessly pretty face, she was well dressed, definitely in vogue but not over the top. Just right, absolutely handsome in every way.

I wanted something appropriate to how I see her - feminine but powerful, timeless but with an edge. I guess I was the one who went over the top because after the first meeting, she sent me her pegs! Hahaha! just like an editor to her columnist. I printed her email and it was 4 pages long! She got excited daw with the gown I envisioned but came to realize that she wanted something that is just clean and classy - short train, satin, soft lace, minimal beadwork.

I made a second sketch and that was it.

Did I mention how she can reaaallly talk?! She's talkative in a sosyal kinda way :-). Atenistang atenista. You can feel her excitement when she talks. Its infectious. But she fell silent when I gave her the second sketch :-) She bit her lips, smiled sheepishly and nodded. She was soooo cute! :-)

Here she is on her wedding day, I wanted to snatch some photos from Mango Red, but all my attempts have been futile. Uhmm, paging Randall. copies please, please, pretty please? Instead I have some beautiful shots from Aziz of Aira Photography . Aziz is a London-based photographer who came with Mango Red to shoot some pictures.

During her wedding, she wanted the veil attached with her mom watching. Her mother cried when she saw her. It was touching. (look at her mom's face in Jason's camera)

Yes, she knows fashion and she's got class. And yet, she's still just a girl. Simply her mother's daughter. Love her!

here's what she emailed me after -

To the ones responsible for the most beautiful gown ever:

First, miss ko na kayo!:) Dadalaw po ako soon if it's okay!

Again, thank you so much for creating my dream dress--I've said it all but I really want you guys to know that I'd never felt more beautiful than when I was in a Veluz. I'd wear it everyday if I could!

Attached are some pics from friends--wala pa po yung official but I wanted to share these as a reminder of the most special day of my life, a day I was glad to have shared with you.

No novels for now, but Ms. V and Niko, salamat po talaga!!! It was wonderful to have been a Veluz bride! Looking forward to my 25th wedding anniversary, hopefully carry ko pa mag-Veluz!

See you soon!

God bless you,


Her wonderful video by Jason Magbanua -

side story - Lora is a huge Jason Magbanua fan, she moved her wedding date so Jason can shoot her wedding. can't blame her :-)


Anonymous said...

ay ang ganda ng gown!!!! looove it!!!! very sexy yet classy. i want din!!!!

veluz said...

hahahaha!! ay anong nangyari?! lace na ngayon? pano na yung embro natin? hehehe will see po during the fittings ha. :-) malapit naman na eh :-) thanks thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Ms. V! Thank you for this very heartwarming post--how fitting that I'm with Mama as I read it! Dalawa kaming fans niyo, of course...she's actually waiting for another event to wear her gown to! Hehehe.:)
It's been more than a month already but I still fantasize about putting on my Veluz one more time. I simply can't get over how BEAUTIFUL it is--and won't ever forget how special I felt in it. The moment I slipped it on was the moment I became a BRIDE.:)
Can't say enough to thank you, Niko, and your wonderful staff (the best si Ate Shawie pag fitting!). I really hope to see you soon! God bless!
P.S. The pics are up na at MangoRed's! Galing galing ng photos!
P.P.S. I've been wanting to drop by but I've been sidetracked the past couple of weeks due to...MORNING SICKNESS!!! Yes, we're expecting! We will have a mini-me or mini-Larry in about 35 weeks :) Please pray for us!

Anonymous said...

she looks amazing........ sana ganyan din ako kaganda sa kasal ko...

Candy :) said...

ang ganda ng gown... ms v!!!!!!!! pagaling kayo ng pagaling! cant wait for mimi's gown! hahaha :) suspense masyado :p

veluz said...
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veluz said...

WOW!! congratulations lora! And please extend my hugs to Larry and your Mom. I'm sure they're equally thrilled!

ingat ka ha, the 1st pregnancy is always the most difficult, kasi lahat bago sa 'yo eh. Try to enjoy it para happy baby :-) I'm sure, super cute mong buntis hihihi :-)

oh and thank you too for the comment. It's knowing I can make a person feel special like you did with your gown makes my job soooo fulfilling. I am really grateful :-)

veluz said...

thanks gloria! ganda nya no?

kendz!! suspense talaga yung kay Mimi, pero mas abangan mo yung kay Karl! beaded and embroidered pina shorts ba naman with matching shrug kay Karl eh bwhahaha! can't wait!

Jason Magbanua said...

You give me too much credit Ms. V. =)


Such a fab fab wedding. I was this close too weeping myself.

Candy :) said...

hahaha tawa ko ng tawa dito sa office dahil sa reply mo! :) excited na ako makita ;p

veluz said...

hey jason :-)

you mean that wasn't you? saw someone weeping while shooting? was it Randall? hahaha! :-)

you so deserve all the credit :-)

hi ulit kendz :-) iniisip ko nga kung lalagyan ko pa ng ruffles eh! hahaha! :-D

dianna said...

That was indeed a very beautiful gown.. Simple yet very stylish and classy, it is one of a kind.. :)