Friday, March 07, 2008

In memory of Alvin

Today, I found out that Janice Sy’s husband, Alvin, passed away.

They got married last February 10, this year.

I got a call from his sister informing us of his demise – cardiac arrest, he was playing basketball when he collapsed. Their family wants those who took part in their wedding informed.

I was shocked when I found out.

They were so in love. He’d be outside the fitting room everytime Janice fits. Occasionally plays with his PSP to while time away. And we’d share a laugh everytime Janice goes out of the room, feeling all giddy with her gown. He’d hold her head close to his body, sharing her happiness. He’d give me a big smile everytime I ask him if he’s excited for the wedding. Days before the wedding, I asked him again, and with a wide smile, he said “opo, sobrang excited na”.

I cannot fathom how Janice feels now.

I will pray for his soul but I will pray for Janice’ peace.

Please pray for her.


Faye said...

OMG! that is really sad... having goose bumps while reading it. i may not know them but my heart goes out to Janice in this very tough time. may god bless her!

Anonymous said...

Being an up and coming bride, I cannot imagine how this must feel. I do not know Janice and Alvin, but we will remember them in our prayers.

Ana said...

so sad =( may she find the strength.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!
Please continue praying for my sister to give her strength and Alvin as we know that he is already with our creator.
The families are still in shocked. Their wedding is still fresh in our minds and they have many plans.

Anonymous said...

:( awwwww.... ang sad naman. im so sorry to hear that.

happy said...

that's really sad. i don't know what to say.

janice must really be the one created for alvin. that's why God allowed the wedding to take place prior to alvin's demise.

Candy :) said...

sad naman :(

Anonymous said...

I was all too excited surfing for ideas for my own wedding, but instantly had tears in my eyes when I came across this post. I do not know Janice and Alvin but I'll surely pray for them, esp for Janice.. - KJ

chol said...

this is so sad. But I believe God has his reasons. Will pray for Janice and their families.

chol said...

wow this is a year ago na pla.. sure hope janice is alright now..