Friday, March 14, 2008


Baby is another beee-yutiful bride :-)

Pretty na super kulit pa hehehehe

Niko and I would time her after every fitting, she leaves the shop smiling and seemingly fulfilled with how the gown was turning out, but after an hour, she'd call or text to clarify some things - how low is the neckline, how fitted on the hipline, scallops on the hemline, etc, etc.. Every single time she fits, we'll be texting an hour later.

On our last fitting day, her mom and her sister joined us, gown almost done and was just ready for cleaning, they were all smiling when they left. She didn't text us later, and honestly, Niko and I missed it :-)

Here she was on her wedding day.
1st four photos by Jayson Arquiza, rest by Baby's friend

and here's what she sent us 24 hours later :-)

Hi, Veluz!!!

How are you? Let me just express my gratitude and happiness to you guys! The gown was beautiful! All my ideas were made 1 million times better! Everyone loved the gown -- from the lolas to my friends and even our titos! And even if it had a really low neckline, it still looked classy! Also, thanks for being ever so patient with me ... with my last minute changes and almost sure nagging questions right after each fitting hehe. I know you receive a lot of messages like this from happy brides, count me in your list! :-)

All the best to you guys! :)


Candy said...

another job well done!

I laaaav et!
It's classy and conservative yet very sexy.

I can't wait to see mine :P

Anonymous said...

Wow! can't wait for my fitting too! :D i love this usual...

Anonymous said...

ang nice nice naman ng gown! kakamiss magsuot ng wedding gown! pag nagparenew ako uli ng vows, pagawa ako uli sa iyo ah! hehe! i love your gowns!

veluz said...

wow thanks girls! liezl you're next! hahahaha!! :-)

Anonymous said...

i really love this lace gown!

Anonymous said...

Ms Veluz, one word = asteeeeeeeeeeg!

Anonymous said...

Veluz!!! Haha ganon ba ako kakulit? D naman ha:P Hey thanks for posting my pics, i never get tire of looking at the dress. My only wish is i could wear it again! But guess what, had so much fun that I spilt wine on it! Boo. Pero kinukulit ko naman si Gercel on how to go about cleaning it :) Thanks again! And excited na ako to bring people there! Hehe it's not yet the end of my kakulitan. Just kidding :) Keep on making brides happy! :)

Anonymous said...

Ms. Veluz! Super nice ng lace you used here. It's not too busy, very elegant, just perfect. Winner talaga! Can you use this for my gown? Hehe. Take care!

Escie bossing ni Rudy said...

This is the main reason why my Husband to be wanted me wear a Veluz gown..

Yup, I'm a fan of Ms. V and Mr. Cecilio.. Pero realistic naman ako.. I always admire their works.. The uniqueness, the details.. Everything.. That's why I never imagine myself wearing their gowns since I cannot afford it/them..hehehe promise po.. Tama na sa akin pa-browse browse.. at maging isang avid fan..

But, beacuse of this gown (ni Sis Baby, thanks so much sana pwede kita i-hug) na napanaginipan ni Rudy.. Kahit magkano ung gown ni Ms. V he doesn't even care..

Fate na din siguro.. Now, I'm a proud soon-to-be VELUZ bride..

Lucky me?! Nope, good girl kasi ako kaya ito gift ko :)

Mommy V (ok lang po ba?!), thanks po sa sketch.. at sa meeting na sooobrang naenjoy namin.. Luv the tequilla story..