Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Non-Bridal Entry

Sept 4 to 18, 2007

Went here, Jervis Bay. parang Pagudpod!

Asked my brother to take this picture, produkto ng sobrang inggit sa mga pre-nup shots na nakikita ko. Hehehehe!

And here, Blue Mountains, parang Baguio!

It really is unbelievably blue from afar, as in tina blue! Sayang I wasn't able to take a pic of it at it's bluest.
and then here, Berry -- parang Intramuros!

But I had to be here. Needed to have the most touristy picture of all :

otherwise, walang maniniwalang nakapunta ko sa Sydney!

Beautiful country. Clean and fresh, booger-free for two weeks! hahahaha!

I was here a couple of weeks back to visit my brothers and their families.
May as well take the chance and met up with some new clients and past clients. Missed Autumn and Eric and Desie lang. Sobrang kainis. Bitin ang two weeks.
Checked out the bridal scene. It's more exciting here! hehehe!
Took some lectures on bridal preservation. My gratitude to Ms. K of Preservation Australia for the one-on-one.

It was a very hectic two weeks, but it was so well worth it.
Missed my kids though, hirap pala.
Sobrang taas tuloy bigla ng respeto at paghanga ko sa mga OFWS.
Laki ng phone bills ko :-(
More pics.
With brothers and sisters-in-law

my nephews,

Taught the older one to play patintero even if he can barely say it, we played at the beach with my siblings and their wives, napagod na siya eh wala pa nga kami sa tumbang preso!
My nephew's comment - can't wait to teach this to my classmates!. pa-soccer soccer kasi siya eh, gawin ka ngang patotot! We had so much fun!! Ayan, na-miss ko na ulit sila :-(

My only regret - I should have brought winter clothes!!
Ang lamig! Maginaw! I really am a tropical animal. When I went to a bridal fair, I found the common greeting is about the weather that day.
"Fine weather today, ey? Sun's out"
okay na raw yun eh parang Tagaytay pa sa madaling araw!! Pinoys don't really do that, I realized that the weather here is always good and comfortable. Even with occassional typhoons. I love the tropics!

But I must admit, I got excited at the thought of dressing up for winter. The flabs didn't matter because there's too much cover, you can barely see it. ang sarap sana pumorma :-(

I swear babalik ako next year, at their coldest, with a vengeance.
makapag-ukay nga hahaha!


Faye said...

wow that looked really fun! a very much deserved break for you!

popcorn said...

Totally agree with your comment about making porma during the winter :) Makapag shopping nga...

Glad to see that you're taking a break and having fun!

Please give my regards to Niko!

- Jean & Sammie

Anonymous said...

Ms. V, next time you visit Sydney baka gusto mo dumaan din dito sa amin and see some Hobbits. :D

We are just across the ditch lang naman…
June - Aug are the winter months here in case you want to put on your winter clothes.

See you soon…

Unknown said...

hey there Veluz!
glad to know you had lots of fun...when ur vacationing time is never enough! that's true, sarap pumorma when your booger-free, and oil-free! tama yan! you should try the winter season, ang sarap na nakakaiyak wonder people always give you that remark pag maganda ang weather hehe....
see you sooooon! lapit na =)

Phonam Gatela Garcia said...

great pictures!

yes yes, matie..

daan ka din NZ after your aussie trip next year ;)
dito sa amin lamig !

yep see you soon!!! :D


autumn said...

sa susunod veluz ah? but it was nice catching up with you kahit sa phone lang.

punta ka dito in the middle of winter so you could wear your knee-high boots!

see you next year! :-)

Nenet said...

really great pics, what fun!!! kakainggit! :)

FX, Rx, Mx and MLE said...

salut! dami mo ng invitation for travel, of course you are also very welcome to visit us in scotland! naku, para ka na si mimi and karl if you start going for 'destination weddings'! all the best to you veluz!

Candy :) said...

parang ang ganda ng sydney, makapunta nga ;p hahaha

nakakatuwa yung nephew mo. nd naman masyadong halata na naruto fan cya no? :)

edrei said...

Hi Veluz!

Looks like you really had a wonderful time in Sydney. I like your mala-prenup pose sa seashore..haha!

I finally had the chance to comment on your very funny blog. I forgot kasi my username & password here on blogspot. Yes ganun katagal na hindi ako nakakapagblog.

Anyway, I hope everything is well. Say hi to Niko for me.

Edrei & Randy

Anonymous said...

glad to know you had a blast. next time, tagalan mo para makadaan ka naman sa canberra. ;)

FX, Rx, Mx and MLE said...

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY VELUZ!!!! Mama texted me last Wednesday - di lang accessible yung mobile number mo on that day. Hope you had a fab celebration :).

FX, Bambi and baby in the tummy