Friday, August 31, 2007

Swipe It!

The look on their faces when they see you walking down the aisle...


for the gown,
there's Mastercard

and Visa.
Just to say. We now accept credit cards! :-)


frecklesspeckles said...

laki na ni bianca :)

Anonymous said...

Really? That's soo good news! I'm a lurker of your site. I love your gowns and I hope to have my church wedding in Pinas soon. I will definitely give you a buzz.


Faye said...

this is cute! hehehe

Anonymous said...

wow! that's great, makes doing business with you a breeze for overseas brides like moi! cheers to that!

- tatam

karl said...

Taray may credit card!

Anonymous said...

Hi ms. Veluz!

Your babies are so cute! Natawa/natuwa ako sa post na 'to. Swipe swipe na lang! naku matutuwa si sister at mom ko sa balitang yan! hehehe.... (my mom's paying for my gown tapos si sister ko di ba sayo din magpapagawa ng gown nya for my wedding.=))

Anonymous said...

Haha! I love this post! You can make a real commercial out of this one. :D Miss na kita Veluz. Pag wala ka na sa wed biz and may baby and trabaho na, wala nang chance makihalubilo. How are things? I have a colleague who inquired about your work and sabi nya super mahal ka na. Makes me feel happy that I got on the Veluz bandwagon before you became pricey hehe. But seriously, he was surprised that my gown is a Veluz original. :D

Jody said...

Bongga! Pa-swipe swipe na lang ang mga clients! Wa ako ma-say! Bigatin ka na talaga! Hey, buti pa ang Bianca mo, ang dami nang buhok! My bianca, halos kalbo pa rin!

Carambs said...


Veluz how are you????

veluz said...

hi girls!!

cute kids ko no?! pagpasensyahan na po, stage mother lang talaga :-)


uy aymishutu!! hahahaha :-) how's jovan? may little jovan na ba? :-)
keep in touch ha :-) mwah!