Monday, August 06, 2007


Got a text message inquiry from Mitch a couple of months ago.
It was a rather late inquiry considering her wedding is July, but she seemed nice in her messages, and July being a not so busy month, I asked her if we can just meet for a discussion.
Niko texted her back to finalize date and time for our meeting.

Imagine their surprise when they met, they were batchmates from La Salle :-)

See Niko, it's time for you to get married hehehe ;-)

Mitch is - in her own words - "I'm a plain Jane and so is my ento" - NOT!

They wanted gowns that has no beading, but draped in a certain manner - not too clean but not too cluttered. Meaning the gowns should be impeccably clean and well constucted because there's no way to hide flaws.

They wanted a very specific shade of green for the entourage and a very specific shade of yellow for the moms. Niko scoured all the textile suppliers and gathered all available greens and yellows as is his usual way, but Mitch did the same, so Niko had to do one up. hehehe

Her wedding gown should be simple but with an ooomph. An embellished neckpiece is all that she wanted. It can't be embroidered and not the usual beads. It has to be different.

It was challenging.
Especially for Niko, he'll be seeing some old friends on the wedding day. And a disappointed bride is definitely not a good sight.
And we were just given a month and a half to pull it off.

And we did! Mitch was really happy at how the gowns turned out. She even brought us cakes after the wedding :-)
Me happy, bride happy, Niko very happy :-)

Niko was so happy, he wore a custom made suit to her wedding hahaha!


Anonymous said...

Tita Veluz!:) You know, parang I don't see this style very often sa mga wedding gown here. Pero ang galing! I love it!

Faye said...

uy kakaiba nga! ang ganda! :)

Anonymous said...

wow veluz gandaaaaaaaaa! this is my type of gown! buti na lang mala-ganyan din ang papagawa ko sa iyo hehehe. :)

frecklesspeckles said...

ang angas ni neeekooo!! :D

Anonymous said...

wow! ang ganda! parang sarap-sarap magpagawa ng maraming wedding gowns sa yo. haha! at wala akong masabi kay niko ah! :) bongga!

see ya sa next fitting ko. super excited na ko!

veluz said...

hi girls :-)

thanks ha, ganda no? we're really proud of it :)

pati sa suit ni Niko proud ako, ganda rin nya no? hahaha!

Anonymous said...

ang ganda ganda!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!! ang cute ni niko and A!!!

Candy :) said...

ang ganda naman ng gown! :) lasallian din pala si niko? anong batch po? asteeg ni niko... pwedeng model!

Anonymous said...

ang danda!