Saturday, June 09, 2007

That Moment

More often than not, clients ask me if I can go and attend their wedding preps.
I usually do.
But if I have 3 weddings on the same day, I usually go to the first one to book. This I believe is fair.
Time permitting though, I go to all my weddings.
Why? Because it’s fun!
So many things to see on THE day. Family drama, fellow suppliers and people wearing their best, looking their best.
I consider it a privilege to have my finished work paraded and appreciated.
The aisle is my catwalk and the bride doing the Finale.

Madge told me once that the bride is her most beautiful when she’s walking down the aisle. I agree

But I love her most on that moment before the church door opens, before she takes that critical first step.
That part where the blood pressure is really at its highest.

Here are kwentos of those who really stood out.

Bride: M.H.
Church: Santuario de San Antonio

Bride froze when she heard the door begin to creak open. She froze! Literally!
Her head slightly bent to the left and her shoulders arced and stiffened. She turned immobile as a rock. I stayed out of sight and to her left trying to be inconspicuous but she stared at me. And in a soft pleading tone she murmured – "Veluz, Veluz . . . di ko kaya, ang daming tao. . . kinakabahan akoooo. . .”

My jaw dropped in surprise. I had no inkling at all. She was really calm during the preps up to the time I was fixing her veil just before the door opened. I was even kidding her. “Ayan, congratulations ha, saya yan, enjoy it ha, walk slowly.”

But rigor mortis? Now?!
Bride : "Veluuuuuz….. kinakabahan ako talaga”
Me : Ha?! Naku! Nakabukas na yung door eh, kaya mo yan”

Oh no! There were so many people staring at her and she was stiff as her groom's starched lapel.

I prodded her again – “sige na lakad ka na, kaya mo yan, tumingin ka lang sa groom mo, masaya yan, ”

Bride : I can’t see him!
Me : Look at your mom or your dad, masaya yan, lakad ka na!
Bride : I can’t! Hold me kaya?
Me: Naku, ampangit sa picture!

Hahaha! Thinking back, that was a silly thing to say. But no, I had to top myself.

Me: Sige kaya mo yan, left foot muna tapos right
Bride : Aaaaaaa? Huh? left no? (Hmmm, maybe it wasn't silly after all)
Me : ayan... sige.. tapos right. Tapos breathe ka, inhale…exhale… tapos smile ka, go na
Bride : sige sige sige, game ... game...

And trembling like she was about to topple, her feet moved.

She took one step and another and that was it. She walked.

I thought she was going to faint.
Pati ako.

More to come in this series. Bride's name withheld to avoid karma.
Hay! Sarap talaga ikasal.

Actually, sarap talaga manuod ng kinakasal :-)

Photographers and videographers capture this moment, while I get to savour them.
Now, why would I want to miss that? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Parang kilala ko na sino ang susunod mong iku-kwento ah! hahaha! alam ko wala pa ding tatalo sa baliw na bride na yun! hehehe! =) I'll see you soon V!! mwaaah!

Anonymous said...

haha veluz ang kulit naman ng kwento mo! i hope you blog more about your memorable experiences, kakatawa kasi talaga!

btw, i'm one of your bride-to-be. :)

Candy :) said...

hahaha! i remember our first meeting, dami mong kwentong ganyan. hahaha ill watch out for more of your bride-kwentos. :) (para akong baliw tumatawa dito sa office magisa! hehe)

veluz said...

medyo ninerbyos ka ba? hahahaha gusto ko sana may picture na kasama pag ikaw na eh hahahah!!

hi steph!

thanks for dropping by ha, balik ka ulit :-)

hi candy!
tawa tawa ka ha, katok ka sa wood!! abangan kita pag wedding mo na hehehe ;-) ingat ingat!


autumn said...


welcome back to blogging. funny naman your post. i can't believe that this is what entered your mind "Me: Naku, ampangit sa picture!". si bride muntik pang naging flowergirl! hahahahahaha :-P

veluz said...


dapat pala binigyan ko ng teddy bear!! hahahahaha!
na miss na kita :-)


threelogyblog said...

hehe galing mo mag-kwento. i can actually picture you and the bride having that conversation. :)

Tin-Tin said...

hahaha! oo ninerbiyos ako nung nabasa ko yung santuario de san antonio... akala ko tlaga ako na! hehehe!

oo naman syempre dapat lang may face ako behind that famous kwento! hahaha! promise promise yung pics pag punta ko ulit soon! =) pati mga fittings ko isasama ko pa para may kwento din ang landscape mo sa bahay! =) haaay... kakamiss maging bride lalo na pag "VELUZ BRIDE" ka... naks naman! masyadong napaghahalatang favorite kita! hehehe!


Unknown said...

hahahhaha kahit tinititigan ako ng iba't ibang lahi dito sa ofc, tawa pa din ako hehehe... ang kulit!

Anonymous said...

Sana nga you get to go to our wedding too! But it's Christmas and it's too far away, I know...

Shucks, I hope I won't get overwhelmed by the Door.
Lapit na Miss V!

abi almeda said...

this is my fave blog. lagi kong binabalikan to. super funny. lalo na yung mga power lines nyo ni niko..priceless! makes me wonder about that moment and that door. hmmm. hoping ako na ako ang first bride who booked 11/14. wish ko lang! :)