Tuesday, June 19, 2007

That Moment 2 - This Moment

Here's another one :-)

Bride : M.A.
Church : Calaruega

This bride is one of those really sophisticated, no-nonsense ladies. A doctor in her early thirties. A fashionista that always looks clean and crisp in her white linen shirt and her red tote. I like her. Always straight to the point. I did her cousin's entourage gowns and we have become friends eversince. For her wedding gown, I designed a simple sheath with a draped low back in Silk which her sister brought from Vietnam.

Come wedding day, she had no coordinator but everything went well. All her sisters were as intimidating as her. They effortlessly controlled the event "corporate-ly". Hehehe!

She was calm when the day started. The picture of control. Even impatient as she waited for her time to walk down the aisle.

Bride : "Hay naku! I can't wait to get this over and done with. This has been stressing me for weeks na!"
Niko : " Anuvah! Ang saya saya nyan eh, yabang yabang mo ha, memya mo iiyak iyak ka dyan!"
Bride : "Hindi noh! . . . Bakit naman ako iiyak? sayang naman ang make-up ko! ang mahal mahal nito eh. . . . Do we really have to come from here?!? Ang layo ah!"
Niko : Eh yun po ang sabi ng mga ate para daw maayos pa muna yung mga entourage tsaka para mas dramatic. . . . You want water?

We were coming from the lower part of the Church. There used to be a ready pitcher of cold water there at the reception area. We drank and Niko borrowed one glass to take with us just in case. He filled it with water and started walking. It was a loooong walk and he worried about dehydration. It really was his but no! When the bride caught a glimpse of the church and saw that there were so many people, she suddenly asked for the drink. Hehehe! Niko of course, gave it to her :-)

Niko : Ay ang cute naman ni daddy oh! kausap ang groom, awwww sweet!

The dad is probably in his late sixties, a distinguished looking gentleman though a bit frail and the only one amongst the family who is mild mannered :-)

Bride : "Asan? asan? ay oo nga awww si Papa o"
Veluz : "Dito muna tayo. wait tayo for the signal."
Bride : "Okay okay, hay naku.."
Veluz : "Ayan, game na raw"

We walked to that sloping path, where Calarauega brides usually begin.
We fixed her veil and her short sweep for the cameras.

The door closed and she immediately started walking towards it.

Niko : "antay antay, pause pag andun ka na sa foot ng stairs ha. . . .wait munaaaaa"
Bride : "veluz, veluz parang kinakabahan na ko, shiiiiiiit! asan yung tubig."

Niko : "ayan na nga ba eh, sabi ko na nga ba eh, eto pa meron pang isang lagok, sige na inom ka muna bubukas na ang door."

And while the bride was drinking, Niko suddenly sang in an Erik Santo-ish baritone - "this is the moment! ... this is the day"
Bride: "Nikoooo!"

And she burst into tears at about the same time the door opened.

We all laughed and cried with her :-)

It was beautiful, the first glimpse of her, smiling and wiping her nose.
The crowd applauded.
And the sisters? They were all crying.

There's really something about the door.


Anonymous said...

Hi Veluz. Tama ka there is really something about that door. Until now I can still remember the feeling ng kinakabahan at the same time excited. I thought I would cry also like other brides while walking the aisle pero I held back. I just smiled and smiled from the preps till the end of the reception. Ang ganda yata ng gown ko. :)

Faye said...

katuwa naman mga kwento mo! more please... :)

Anonymous said...

hello veluz! nananaginip na ako ngayon pa lang! shuks! baka mahimatay ako at kulang pa ang water ni niko :)

Anonymous said...

hi veluz, more kwentos please! :)

Candy :) said...

hi ms v!

naku ayaw ko na ata magbasa... hahaha nakakapraning kasi. sabi ko pa naman kay clarice yaw kong umiyak sa wedding ko! e bka kakatawa ko dito, makarma tlaga ako! :)

(pero sobrang funny kasi! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Now lang ako nakabasa sa blog mo.:) Super natawa ako sa mga kuwento! Hahaha...I can imagine yung mga facial expressions niyo ni Niko during those conversations!

Bigla din akong natense!:)

Anonymous said...

nako po dun po ang kasal ko... whaaaaa lalo po tuloy ako na-excite! sasali po ba kayo sa bridal fare this feb. 13-15, Megatrade Hall?