Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I love browsing thru wedding magazines to check out styles and get inspiration. Once in a while, I rip out pages showing gowns that made my heart skip.

This was one of them.

I think its the spunk of the bride which made me like it. Traditional yet edgy.

When I met Cynch and her mom, I knew she was the one. :-) She listens to her mom but I sensed her independence. She was always smiling but her eyebrow movement spoke louder!

Sweet yet Strong, like a dark chocolate. :-)

I didn't have this picture with me then, so i drew it from memory, revised it a bit and laid-out where the handpainting will be. Cynch and her mom liked it! Yey!! I was so happy, from that moment on, I knew this gown will be great, because it was her.

I'm not really very fond of accentuating the top part and the hemline at the same time. I feel the gown loses focus and it tends to "measure" the wearer. And I dont really want over embellished gowns that rob attention from the face. I strongly believe that the gown should compliment the bride -- not outshine her. But somehow, I knew Cynch can pull this off. She is not one to be outshined easily.

Thank God, I was right. She pulled it off marvelously. She was sooooo beautiful during her wedding and her gown was just soooo great!!!

Up to now, I am still complimented on how great her gown was.
It's not just the gown, it's her :-)

O diva?


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Cynch said...


finally i got my own spot in your blog. (tagal ko to inantay! hehehe)i'm so happy with the article you wrote. thank you for the nice words. you are indeed an artist! very observant huh! i like your comments...

like what i always say, you are heaven-sent! my gown is & will always be the most beautiful clothing i'll ever own in my entire life.

yeah we pulled it off! ang galing noh? all our guests really loved it. they keep on touching the gown, looking closely at the fabric, or at the painting, or the "cabbage effect" all over me!

i wish you'd have a fashion show, so i can wear the gown again! hehehe! wish ko lang!

and just yesterday, i went to the WPPP Congress @ the Mega Trade Hall, my solo photo was ultra-enlarged by Alan (who else!) and you know, i'm so happy to hear compliments about the gown from passers-by! imagine that! picture pa lang, winner na!

so many months have gone by since the wedding, but the thrill seems so new to me everytime i look at the pictures. no amount of money can ever pay for that feeling you are still giving me...

love you,

Rommel & Melissa San Gabriel said...

No wonder your clients rave so much about you. Not only that you love your work, you also have passion for it! The gowns show it all! Sa pictures pa lang, panalo na. I am truly happy to be a veluz bride! I thought i will not be able to get you.. maybe you had that charm that made my fiance approved? hahaha.

All the gowns that you made are unique in their own way and fits perfectly the personality of the one wearing it.

Thanks for your patience ha with my kakulitan. Will i ever have a spot on this blog? May client ka na ba na naka more than 11 sketches?! hahaha.

Till next fitting!

veluz said...

hahahahaha cynch! antayin ba talaga? nag-blush naman ako :-)

uuuuuuuy sobra naman ako na-touch sa message mo! i am overwhelmed with the thought that i can give people pala such thrill. compliments like this make me love my work more.

thank you thank you po. i feel so blessed, really

love you too!


veluz said...

hey melissa!!

ngayon pa lang nga pwede na kitang i-blog eh! 11 sketches ba naman! hahahahaha!

naku naman, na-charm ko si rommel? di siguro, pumayag na lang yun kasi palagay ko sa yo sya may crush! nagpapa pogi points! hahahahhaha!

see you soon and thank you soooo much for the nice words!

ingat ingat!


Christine said...

haayy i wished talaga I met you before my wedding, kaw sana kinuha ko Veluz! uy, we still have to talk about the hollywood tape!

veluz said...

haaaayyy sayang talaga, im sure super saya sana natin nun! hehehehe

game, email mo naman sa akin detail nung hollywood tape pls.tsaka kinuha na nga pala ng dad mo yday yung gown mo. pinalitan ko yung skirt, di winner ang electric pleating eh, sana magustuhan mo,me corset inside at thigh high slit ulit hehehehehe :-) ingat ingat!