Thursday, September 01, 2005


Erika, isn's she pretty! :-)


I've been fitting brides for years now, ever since I fired my fitting supervisor in '98 after getting into so many fights with my other sewers. The camaraderie of my staff is much more important than her skill. I learned a lot from her though, and for that, I'll be forever grateful. She came from a very prominent local designer and got fired also for the same reason. Medyo mayabang eh. Magaling naman kasi talaga sya :-)

Why am I blabbering about it? Well because since '98, I've seen bodies of all shapes and sizes, from the almost anorexic to the huge ones, from the enviable armpits to the shadowlike ones, hehehehe. Not that I like seeing people naked but it comes with the job, I help them dress up. I adjust the fit of the gown to come up with the most flattering, most symmetrical effect. But, the only person who didnt allow me to see hers, and literally shooed me out of the fitting room was ERIKA.

Bihis sya, tawagin nya ko, fit ko sya, tapos labas na ko ulit.

There was even one time that I was trying to tighten that part under the armpit and asked her to raise her arm. After much prodding, she did, but covered her armpit with her other hand. hahahahahah!

She has a great body, coz I didnt have any problems fitting her. We are very comfortable with each other, in fact, we laugh a lot together. Funny sya eh, very candid and she says the strangest things hehehehehe. ayan, na-miss ko naman bigla si erika!

And I thought the wedding day will change things, after Niko and I removed the gown from the dressform, the coordinator took the gown from me and went to erika,
"magpapabihis yan sa akin", she quipped.

The bridal assistant was very attentive. She went to the bathroom with Erika and her sister. Erika even glanced at me. I was surprised, even felt bad....

"Aba, magpapabihis nga " I thought

I almost laughed aloud when a few seconds later, the coordinator was already out of the bathroom.
"Ayaw nga!" Bwahahahahaha! Niko laughed!

Miss her :-)


Willy and Lolita said...

hahaha! alam ko ang story na to of course! at na witness ko pa one time ha. she really has the strangest things to say.

like ngayong buntis ako, pag di ko daw kinain ang gusto ko fud eh magkakabalat ang baby ko? how true ito??? naloka tuloy ako!

but still, she is a sweet person talaga. and because of her i met you... nakksss drama ito!

Faye said...

ganun?! pano yan i can't also promise if i can change in front of you?! hahahaha! kahiya kasi mga love handles ko eh. bahala na. pag iisipan ko. :) i remember my sister when she was pregnant telling me... (excuse me ha) "iitim rin ang kili-kili at singit mo pag nagbuntis ka!" sagot ko lang, ganun?! hahahaha!

Aggie said...

Hi Veluz! I cant help but comment on your posts :) Im not a client but Ive inquired with you before. It is very evident your brides are very happy with you. How does it feel to actually be a part of the most impt day on a single woman's life and be hugely responsible for it and making them sooo happy and beautiful? :) You have a gift :) And maybe when I have my 5 yr anniversary I can have my wedding gown made by you :D Who knows?

Keep making brides happy!

veluz said...

hello faye!!!

naku, malapit na tayong magkita, hala, malapit na kitang mahusgahan! hahahhahahah! uy joke lang! sus, okay lang yun no, wag ka na shy sa love handles, meron din ako nun, mas madami pa hahahah...huhuhuhu :-(

tsaka wag ka na ma-shy magchange in front of me, meron di ako ng meron ka, at mas maganda pa, hehehehehe! kapal!

see you soon! ingat!!


veluz said...

hello ms.aggie :-)

thanks ha, i really appreciate your dropping by and giving comments :-)

naku, i really feel blessed having this job. Sobra ako flattered to be entrusted with such a responsibility. kaya siguro instantly love ko agad yung mga brides ko the minute they consider me pa lang to make their gowns.

siguro kasi relate na relate ako? dahil ive walked the walk too? sarap talaga ikasal eh d ba? sooobbraaa!!

see you in 5 years! :-)


veluz said...


kakatawa talaga si erika no?! sabagay nung buntis ako la talaga ko pinalagpas sa pagkain eh, lahat talaga kinain ko!! kinis nga ng mga anak ko, lumobo naman ako! grrrrrrr

sabagay ikaw, malabong lumobo hahahahaha!

ingat ingat ka ha! excited ako for you, sarap maging mommy, hirap lang sa umpisa :-)


erika said...
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erika said...

kayo peachy and veluz ha binubuko nyo ang kaweirduhan ko.... hahaha anu magagawa ko mahiyain ako sobra hahaha. and kaya ko lng namn tinakpan dahil hindi pa me napapa.... hahaha anyway, veluz thanks so much for everything, up to now i still can't stop thinking about my beaded bolero and gown. i really miss you , hope to see you on sunday. mwah :*

veluz said...

heheheheh di naman erika,labs ka lang talaga namin ni peachy :-) miss na nga kita eh!! uuuuy ganda ganda nya! hehehehehe

see you soon!! mwah!