Monday, August 29, 2005

Time Travel

Cute no?!? :-)

Ces and Jon gave this to me as a thank you gift, I was so thrilled!

Ces now, Cecil then was my classmate in 3rd year high school. But I've known her since 1st year, who wouldn't? She's smart and pretty. So we've known each other for 2 decades, yes, 2 decades. We didn't really hang out together, we belong to different barkadas. She hangs out with the really smart ones, those who compute algebraic solutions during their spare time and I belong to those who are always late in advance chemistry. 7:00am naman kasi!

Sya yong mga nakakainis nung highschool eh, yung maganda na, madaming may crush, tapos matalino pa! Hay naku! But were kinda close, tuwing magkikita, nagchi-chika. Never nang-iirap.

We both went to UP Diliman after, she took up the pang-matalinong Math and i took up the pang-wais na Clothing Technology.

Jon is blessed, he got an intelligent lady and a pretty one at that. Sexy pa! Naku, baka basahin ito ni Jon, sige na nga, blessed din si Ces! hahahahaha labyu Jon! :-)

we lost contact after college, so that was 12 years ago.... and she found me thru W@W. Wow talaga! My brides there were probably talking about me, thank you girls! hihihi :-) and she was amused that there was somebody else with the same name as mine but with a different surname. Naman!! how many Veluz are there?? She was surprised when she talked to one of our batchmates who was her barkada that that Veluz and I are the same. Ngek!

When we saw each other again, I felt 16!, she didn't change, nostalgia ito! chikahang walang humpay! She kept her barkada and I kept mine. Her matron of honor was her best friend from high school and 5 out of 6 of my ento were my hs barkada. I am really proud of that, the same friends I had when I was 13 are still the closest to me, todate. We are still together after having kids, failed relationships, career changes and weight gains. Mula aqua net fever noon hanggang facial sessions ngayon. Galing no? Sarap talaga ng high school :-)

And so I did her wedding gown and was with her on her wedding day. It felt different watching her walk down the aisle, I dont know why, it just did. Probably because she was so familiar, probably because I've known her since she was Cecil... :-) But it felt great. I felt her happiness. Poignantly different from the happiness I saw when she received her medal during our hs graduation :-)

Here we are :-)


and now :-)

Congratulatulions Cecil, este Ces and Jon!! Thank you for making me a part of your life.:-)


JanethandDanny said...

It does feel great being able to find friends from waaaay back then hehehe..Feeling teenager uli kung makipag-chikahan di ba! I have friends from grade school back home who have never failed to keep in touch and we are all gratefull about it....I'm glad that you guys found each other once again :)

p.s. glad to see din na hindi nagbago ang smile mo :) A person's smile says a lot about her personality and you seem to have a very sweet one.

veluz said...

hello :-)

naku, na-conscious naman ako bigla sa smile ko hihihihi :-)

what's great pa about meeting old friends is you still laugh about the same jokes as if that was the 1st time you heard it!

thanks for dropping by :-) take care!

Faye said...

aaaawwww!!!! what a small world talaga! and kahit na ilang taon pa magkahiwalay, magkikita at magkikita if it's meant to be. i'm a person who really keeps friendship. i wouldn't want the communication to be closed. kaya nga even if i don't receive any letters or cards from them, i still love doing it for them.

wala pala pinagbago itsura mo then and now. :)

veluz said...

halu ms. Faye!!!

naku namannnnnn! la ba? eh +50 lbs yun eh! waaaaaah! :-(

lapit na!!!!! uuuuuuy excited hehehhehehe