Sunday, June 19, 2005

Seven Year Itch

Exactly 7 years ago, when I fell asleep at 2AM while chatting with my sister. It was the night before my wedding. I got back from the shop at 10PM the night before after asking my head sewer to attach the sleeves to my wedding gown, ayaw lumiit ng braso ko eh! One of the freebies of having sewers at hand, hehehehhe, you can make changes with your gown just like that. Talking about deadlines...

I wore a piña silk gown when I got married, no embroidery, very short train, minimal beadwork. That was my only wish for my wedding, that I wear Piña. Way beyond our budget, but i told Rene kahit walang embroidery, kahit sobrang simple lang. Kung hindi, magtanan na lang kami. I just wanted a simple, fuss-free gown, but in Piña.

I was 105 lbs then and it's just amazing how people think they are always fat and chubby. Even if it's just skin and bones there. How I wish I can turn back time, I swear, I'll be contented with 105!

Woke up at 6am with a strange feeling of excitement. Overwhelming but satisfying. Somehow, it felt like I was letting go. I prepared for this day the best way I know, and if anything is out of place, I couldn't care less. I'm gonna have fun today. Grand gimik ko ito.. and with all the people I love. And my pina gown and I are the center of attention, hay ang saya! hihihihihihih ooops, and my groom of course.

My kuya drove me to Westin, met my bridesmaid at the lobby who picked up my make up artist. At 11am, my photographer arrived, I reminded him of what Rene requested, we dont want a director, just take pictures as the event happens. Then came my mom and dad, then my bridesmaids who are all my closest friends, then my sister, non-stop talking, non-stop laughing.

It was 3PM, Rene called me up on the cell and told me he's there at the church. Okay, it's time to leave westin for my 4pm wedding.

I was relaxed and excited at the same time. But something's not right, I had to call my maid of honor and we went to the ladies room. I removed my petticoat and my leg garter. Now i'm ready to walk down the aisle.

Time flew quickly. It was a very solemn wedding, my dad cried, I was moved, and reality struck me, everything's gonna change after this - I'll be leaving home for good. No more mom to cook my food, no more dad to watch tv with, no more mommy sermon to listen to whenever I came home late. Naku, I love them so much that during the ceremony, I even looked back, and took a glimpse of them. I miss them na agad. I was overwhelmed with love, for my groom, for my family and my closest friends who were all there. I'm going to be a new person after this, I will no longer be Veluz Puno, but Reyes. I need God's help! Now is the time to ask for it, hahahahhahha, cramming ito! "Oh please, God, bless my marriage, I had a wonderful life before this, make this even better".

Those were my thoughts then. I think even my husband doesn't know about this.

When we kissed, it was so reassuring, I knew then, everything's gonna be fine. I stared at my mom and she smiled at me. I almost cried again, pero nahiya na ako eh.

Westin reception was great! We had a party, no formal program, all spur of the moment. We danced. We smoked. We drank. We made chika with everyone. Noone, except my parent's oldie friends, left after the formal dinner. Our siblings and closest friends stayed behind, even went to our room later to chat. We had to shoo them away. It was almost midnight and they still wanted us to go to Adriatico and drink with them. (Ano na ba nasa Adriatico ngayon?) I was tipsy and we felt that the day was all fun, it was time for us to be alone and romantic.

Our room was crammed with gifts, there was barely enough space to lounge around. At around 2 am, we were both so hungry, we ordered take outs from Tapa King, tig-2 kami!

We woke up the next day with an indescribable feeling - contentment, relief, gratitude.
It was very peaceful. Everything was just fine.... Ay! I want a haircut.

Seven years ago, and I still remember how it felt. It was so beautiful.

Last night, I saw my 2 older kids sleeping soundly. And while putting my 13 month-old baby to sleep, I stared at him yawn and smelled his sweet breath. Yes,I miss being a bride, but it just feels soooooo great to be a mom.

God is sooooo good. He answered my prayers.


Sassafras said...

this is a nice entry, nice counterpoint to the title. :) ang ganda mong bride! it's funny that we always think we are fat, regardless of how we really look. ultimately, it's still how we feel about ourselves that's important---kahit gano kalaki o kaliit tayo basta we are happy where we are, oks na yun. anniv niyo ba? kahit na hinde, happy anniv na din.

veluz said...

hello carol :-)

yes, it's our 7th anniversary yesterday, thanks!

i'm happy and contented,i've always been, kahit ayaw ng bumalik sa 105 :-) i'm sure you are too especially now that you're going to be a mom soon :-) buti ka pa masipag mag gym.... sabi ni rene, pag nagkasya daw ulit ako sa wedding gown ko, papakasalan nya ko ulit! hahahahahah...hayop, hirap nun ha! :-)



Faye said...

hi, veluz!

happy anniversary! it's so nice to read something like this especially i'll be wearing pina too. aha! i really made the right choice! haha! but seriously, you were pretty just how you are right now. never mind the weight! it's really hard to stick to an ideal one once you're more than 30 yrs old. ahem! problem ko rin yan eh! wishing you many more happy years to come! tc.

veluz said...

hello faye!


hehehehehe actually, back then, i wanted to make a statement - all the piña gowns i've seen were all embroidered and filipiniana looking, my friends thought i am going to wear something outrageous, and white or off white doesn't really flatter my skintone - all my friends were pleasantly surprised when they saw that i was wearing a classic cut with a plain pina. they all love it! Di nila alam, di lang afford ang burda hehehehehehe :-)

My classmates from UP were literally raising my skirt and checking the construction. As if they're gonna grade me for that! hahahahahaha!

And at 105, they all knew I was overweight! Super payat kasi ako nung college eh. Huhuhuhuhuu, i'm sure they'll all be in shock if they can see me now!

Yeah, i guess, that's enough to justify my being overweight - hey, i got 3 kids and im 33! waaaaaaaaaaaah kunwari lang yun!

bakit naman si pops! waaaaaaaah!

hay, buhay..... challenge! :-)

ingat ingat

Marj and Carlos said...

Hi Veluz. Delayed Happy Anniversary. Losing weight can be hard pero at least with your weight gain you have something to show for...3 beautiful kids.

So hard nga to lose weight after age 30 yo. The metabolism really slows down. Ngayon maka-amoy lang ako ng pagkain it seems I pack on the weight na. Kaya strict diet ako ngayon. hehehe

Let's hit the gym together na lang.

veluz said...

hey marj!!!!

sige, gym tayo, dun na rin tayo mag-fitting!!!! hahahahaha! ay kaya lang, di naman yata kakatuwang kasama mag-gym ang payat naman na tulad mo. gusto ko sana yung mga tipong 180lbs ang kasama ko para ako ang mas sexy heheheh! ;-)

see you soon! ingat ha and thanks for the greeting :-)

Carambs said...

Pucha naiyak ako sa post mo ah! Ahahahaha! Happy anniversary Veluz dear!!! Sana nakita mo na yung official pics - I emailed you the links already.



veluz said...

hehehehehehe quits na tayo, pinaiyak mo kaya ako sa video mo no? hahahahahah! :-)

kita ko na official pics, inuman talaga! ang saya! super ganda pics! congratulations ulit, mwah!


P.S. ay ang pretty pretty mo dun sa nagspeech si jovan, sweet mrs. ka na talaga :-)

Jovan Puyo said...

Kileg ah! Hehehehehehe! :D

veluz said...

hi jovan!

inggit ako sa inyo eh hehehehehehe :-)



Willy and Lolita said...

ang saya naman, kmi ni gelo, june 19, kayo 20.... heheh! congratulations and more years of togetherness for both of you. gelo and i will surely miss our fitting days, but dont worry, we will be shharing a lot of divisoria shopping days =) as ive said on the pic that i gave u.. thank u not just for the gown but for the wonderful friendship.

and my God ha, im 105 lbs now... ganito ka din ba before? hehehe but hey, u dont have to loose weight..ano ka ba? ur equally gorgeous as before , sa mga wedding pics mong yan ha...

take care always...mwah !

veluz said...

hi peach :-)

oo nga, grabe, tuwing bisperas ng anniv namin, feeling ko kinikilig ka someplace else, hahahahahahah!! :-)

naku, super excited na nga ako mag-divi kasama nyo eh at nang malaman ko na ang mga secret haven mo! gusto ko rin ng maraming flats! (parang hindi natutuwa si reneng nakikita akong naka-smile habang nagco-computer ah!! feeling ko alam nyang masama na naman ang balak natin!) tse!! magsama sila ni gelo! hahahahahahah

misyu! thanks thanks and congratulations ulit! sobra panalo ka talaga nung wedding ha - 8 yards ba naman! ;-) hahahahahahaha!


P.S. di ka 105 ha!! ambisyosa! i'm sure 87 ka lang! 105, kasama petticoat! hahahahahahaha!

Willy and Lolita said...

105 ako, i swear.. kaka weigh ko lang, i just look skinny, but im not underweight. hehehe =) feeling ko hihimatayin ka pag nkita mo ang mga flats sa divi na everytime nakikita ko before ay parang nanginginig ang buong katawan ko. buti at di na ko work, kasi nung work ako, every payday bumibili ako at least 2. sa blogspot ko, may entry dun abt my 6 pairs of shoes.. try to read if u have time, may entry din ako about you. hehehe =)

veluz said...

hi peach!

o sige na nga 105 ka na, ganda ganda nga eh di ba? hahahahahaha! :-)

naku, alam mo na-miss na kita ha, parang kelan lang mega-chika pag fitting eh no? hay naku, tara na mag-divisoria na tayo at gusto ko talaga bili flats. Madami na ba mabibili sa 1000? hahahaha kuripot ko no?!

ingat and enjoy your honeymoon, penge pics ha!


Cynch said...

haven't bloghopped for quite sometime. i missed your anniversary post. belated happy anniversary though. wow, its so touching for you to remember your wedding details after 7 years. its nice to know that after all these years you still miss being a bride.. makes me think how am i gonna be after 7yrs too (never mind the weight!) ?!? will i be too caught up with our future kids or with work to even think about the wedding day or will i get stuck with all the details like i am now after 4 months of getting married?!? tipong every little thing closely related to our wedding makes me relive that day over & over again. most especially my gown, heheheh!

i can totally relate when you said that you began missing your family already when you are just beginning to savor your moments at the altar! hehehe! i feel the same way. and i'm still adjusting. you know how close i am to my mother goose! and yeah my parents were such great providers that i wish too that my new life with dex will be better! so far... so good... ;)

oh well... nakaka-senti ang post mo ha! nagiisip tuloy ako ng next article for my blog! hehehe!

veluz said...

hey cynch!

uy na-miss ko naman bigla tuloy si mother goose mo! I remember telling my husband after our first fitting that i am so sure i am going to be like your mom when it's my Bithia's (my daughter) turn to get married!!" hahahahaha! grabe no!? 4 years old pa lang yun eh! hahahaha!

great thing about my job is i'm always with brides, so how can i not miss being one?! lalo na ngayon, sobrang sayang magpakasal eh! daming gimik, daming bago. funny nga eh everytime i see a bride walk down the aisle, feel na feel ko talaga! hahahahaha

thanks for dropping by ha and please extend my greetings to your mom, kiss her for me, she sure did a great job in raising you and your brothers, i saw that during the wedding :-)

naku, speaking of blog topics, ikaw na nga susunod kong ibo-blog eh! hanggang ngayon kasama pa rin sa most requested list ang gown mo eh, kung kanta lang yan, im sure pop star ka na, may gold album pa! hheheheh

ingat lagi!


3prince said...

wla ako masabi di na kita mareach, wat shocker to see my gown there -- feeling ko ancient na -- wish ko rin i still can fit in it i think i was 105 lbs in 2000 to now -- hmmmm nxt pls -- sige think about it 3 kids na!,... i dont blog or read but i read yours,..

so proud of you my friend... so whos next in my family, my ate gina in october,.. her now you can blog that you hit the 3 families already....oh you want to post jovy's pics i can send you the files,...

Joanne F. Yap

ps oh wheres your cd of pics.... how can i make you a display of your brides gowns, if you dont send me the pics...