Monday, April 11, 2005

Silk Duchess Satin

I receive a lot of questions about gown making. Popular topics are fabric types, sewing techniques, tips and secrets, emebellishments and even patternmaking. From time to time or when something interesting comes along, I'll share it with you.
Here's something about silk duchess satin. A bride thought the name weird.
My reply:
Silk Duchess Satin is actually proper. Satin is a kind of weave. Duchess satin means it's satin weave with a matte but luxurious finish. Silk duchess satin means the fibers are made of silk, 100% natural fiber. Meaning it's the real one. Silk duchess satins here are 2500 to 3500 pesos per yard depending on the width. Cheaper imitations are made of viscose or polyester - synthetic - and about a decimal place cheaper.

I hope you found that helpful as well, or at least a good read. I hope to blog about PiƱa, embroidery and accessorizing next.

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