Thursday, March 31, 2005

My Autumn in December

The bride-iest of them all.

She called to inform me she's getting married 15 months before the day.
Not a month after that passed without us talking about it.
She bought fabrics in Bangkok before we finalized the designs.
She redefined fittings. After the 7th or 8th, I lost count. And picture taking! She was my first bride who took pictures of every fitting.
Each fitting is almost half a day! others take about 30 - 45 mins.
Commented on every seam and bead of each gown I made, "kahit di kanya ha!" :-)
Her mom and sisters, all brides, even her mom-in-law!!! I miss them.
And her shoes and bag! rattled and pressured Niko.
Finally, she refused to get her gown when it was done. She said she may not be able to stop herself from putting it on.

Her walk down the aisle was fantastic. She was crying, laughing, smiling, nervous and excited. All at once. I wasn't surprised when the crowd applauded when she started walking. Who wouldn't? She was a picture of a totally happy bride. She was a vision of that perfect moment.

Seeing her happiness, I felt all her hard work in preparing and planning for that day have been all worth it.

A month later . . . I got an email from Autumn.
"I miss being a bride."

Now you know why she's the Bride-iest of them all.

And I love her.

I love my job.


Mec said...

i think i'd also miss being a bride-to-be and a bride... despite the many lows that came with the highs...

clarice said...

hi veluz! this is clarice, cynch's and nadia's wedding coordinator. :)autumn's my friend. she got married one week before me. kakatuwa nama your writeup about her. i'm sure she'll love reading it. :) see you!