Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Niko - Seven's Shoes and Bags Designer

I finally got around to adding Niko's interview with Pink Magazine on the site. This was a few months ago but still - a magazine feature does not happen everyday.
Niko's been designing for SEVEN for about two years now (or his entire working life) and I'm very grateful to him. I pretty much leave him be with SEVEN and he has taken it places. Thanks Niko.


Cynch said...

nik-naks-niko! my sunshine during evening fittings, hehehe! never fails to flash those pearly-whites always, as in always! miss you niko! thanks for the shoes & the bag... i simply love 'em!

Willy and Lolita said...

the scene..i was waiting yesterday sa sala nila veluz for my fitting.. when the door at the fitting room opened...i suddenly saw a person wearing a white gazar-made flower applique on the right pocket of his denim jeans, and then suddenly.. he striked a pose... Jusko, si Niko lang pala... akala ko naman kung sino ng diwata ito =) i cant say anything more sa shoes ko, its more than wat i expected. Christian Dior... Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo... MOVE OUT! i cant wait for my bag, its too funky to be a bridal bag, but im sure , Niko knows that it suits me best =) be at our reception with veluz and bring your digicam.. see yah soon =)

Jason said...

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