Thursday, April 14, 2005

Two Brides in Massachussets

From Springfield to Boston.
I have two brides confirm today and they're both in Massachussets. One's a W@Wie the other's a Google.
It just got me so excited I wanted to share it with you.
Of course they don't know each other, but they're only about an hours drive away from each other.
I love the internet.
If I can book a dozen more, I may have to go there for fittings.
Hay! Sana . . .

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JanethandDanny said...

We are currently planning our big day in the Philippines overseas...I'm from Toronto, about 10 hours away from Boston...I am looking at purchasing my gown in the Philippines as well and I would certainly be willing to drag my fiancé to Boston for a fitting....We are on the preliminary stage of our planning as of yet but I have surfed your site and I must say, I like what I see...