Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I always get excited when I get destination weddings.
After attending one as a guest, uhmm okay, I did the bridal gown and the groom's suit too :-), and that wedding being the most fun I've attended,  I knew that if I am going to get married again, it has to be a destination wedding.
Spirit is just different, it's just so alive!! Imagine the very people you love, flocking to that faraway place just to see you celebrate your love...  :-)

Ana and Vince's wedding was no different.  Both based overseas who went back to their roots just to make that lifetime commitment.  Their wedding was uber fun and filled with so much love :-) And to top it all off, the photographer capturing and immortalizing the vibe that that place is known for.  Kudos to Oly and my very best wishes to one of the sweetest couple we've met, Ana and Vince :-)


Hi Ms. V :-) 

Alam ko marami ka ng mga thank you notes na natatanggap from your brides but here I am joining the flock of those who want to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART....  

I'm writing a note to personally thank you for making me a bride.  I really felt every bit of a bride that day Ms. V,  and it was because of your creation. I saw myself glowing whenever I pass a mirror or see my reflection,  and I really felt beautiful that day.  Everyone could not stop talking about how beautiful the dress was.  My hubby gave a huge cry when he saw me walk down the aisle (sa sobrang ganda raw po.. para na akong apparition.. di nya alam it was the Swarovskis and champagne colors you used sa gown ko).  Hindi lang sya ang umiyak, pati si Best Man!!  I was so confused walking down the aisle and seeing both men crying so hard!  Akala ko something was wrong!  I'm just not used to having someone stare at me in awe hahaha! ganda ganda ganda talaga ng gown ko!  :-)  

We had such a great time during our wedding in Bacolod, ang daming nagtatanong kung sino ang gumawa ng gown.. so I would say, we made a commercial plug for you... watch out for more Bacolod Brides! 

Sayang hindi na namin masyado naikot sina Ate Pot, Shawi and Jake.. busy kasi yung sked...  

Thank you po talaga!


Thanks too guys for taking care of my staff.  I really appreciate the warm reception you gave them.  My staff has nothing but praises for you two.  And for that, I am extremely grateful :-)

Photos by Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto


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