Friday, February 18, 2011


Dear Ms. V,

I've been wanting to give my thanks for the magical gown you made for me on my wedding. I was debating on going to your shop the day after my wedding to personally give my hugs and kisses...but the post wedding errands and all held me back. even so, you were always in my thoughts, whispering a prayer for you, the lady who gave me the most wonderful gift on my wedding day.

I even told Gani during the ceremony that I was already sated by the fact that I look stunning in my gown...that I don't even care whatever happens in our reception...My wedding day is already complete!! I felt I was at my prettiest!! So when he was complaining about some of our wedding glitches, I could not relate, coz i was sooo overwhelmed by the fact that I was wearing the most fabulous gown I've ever seen. You made me so very happy. All superlatives are not enough to express and define how your work made me feel. Even if it was your birthday, you made sure to see me off, and you sent the most professional staff to assist me. I love them dearly, please also send my thanks, hugs and kisses to everyone.

You deserve all the success you have now, Ms. V. I could give my testimonial to anyone who would dare to malign or wrongly judge your work. My friends, even the most critical and judgmental ones, unanimously said I was stunning and gorgeous in my gown. For this wonderful feeling, for the happiness you caused me, thank you ms. Veluz!! I love you Ms. V!! Gani loves family loves you..every one who saw me in my gown loves you dearly. I continue to pray for you and your family's safety, happiness and your success. May the Lord bless and keep you always. Love you mader V!! I'll definitely return to your shop one of these days.


Photos by Francis Perez of Pat Dy Photography
Video by Bob Nicolas
Hair and Make up by Robbie PiƱera

Gani and Dale from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

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