Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Tonel is one of the easiest and sweetest bride I've worked with.
She'll text me each and everytime we fit expressing her gratitude for being my bride.
It was overwhelming.
She was so in love with her gown, she named it Marguerithe.
Love her!

Look at Niko in the following pictures.
Ayaw nya ng pictures talaga, di sya mahilig magpose eh ehehehe :-)

Photos by Mangored
Coordination by Just Like Ours

Oh and it was my first time to work with Mayad and it made me look forward to more :-)
Their onsite video.


marieand said...

ms. v ang ganda ng veil nya.....:)

veluz said...

awww thanks :-) that's ribbon embroidery :-)

marieand said...

BTW,mukha daw akong matangkad sa terno sleeves!! galing nyo talaga...always trust THE ms. v! :) im excited...kahit na 5mos to go pa....dalhan ko kayo ng authentic chorizo sa september....:D

veluz said...

naks naman!(blushing) ehehehe :-) happy happy :-)

Apol said...

i heart Niko! aral sa Paris ang posing neto, i swear!

do u know na nagkocontemplate na ako ng mga events na pupuntahan ko na pwede kong gamitin ung mga galing senyo like the hairpiece, the blouse and the belt? mwahahaha!

tonel said...

awww i'm here! marguerithe is definitely coming with us to australia po. super thanks po for everything!

p.s. marguerithe is requesting more back shots daw po hahaha

Candy :) said...

ang cutie ni niko! :D

ganda ng gown as always...

miss you! :D


Faye said...

Ms. V , I love your gowns talaga :) ang ganda ng bride!:)

veluz said...

awwww super thanks Faye! I really appreciate your visits here, promise :-) sa susunod ulit ha :-)

miss you too Kendz! mwah!

hahaha! okidoki Lady Marguerithe, will post more :-) mwah!

tonel said...

Ms. V, dapat po ata Tonel/Niko title ng post - equal billing po kami kasi ibang levelling talaga poses Sir Niko hahaha. :)

Pasensiya na po demanding ang Lola Marguerithe. Moment daw po niya 'to kaya gusto bonggang-bonggang exposure hehehe. :)

P.S. To MangoRed, malaki pa po space sa luggage namin. Kasyang-kasya pa po final album etc hehehe :)

Kindly visit our site po:

Ms. Faye, thanks po. :)

rhea said...

hi ms veluz! follow up lang po sa email ko sa inyo :-) hope you can find time to read it hehe thanks!

Leslie said...

bongga talaga mga gowns!!!! at bongga rin si niko!!! the poses!!! kamusta naman... cant wait to send you my pictures... hay... tagal...

Tonel said...

Ms. V our SDE by Mayad Studios won Silver po sa 19th WEVA Expo in Orlando, Florida! Yey! :)