Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Artist's Choice

Master Dino gave me this artist's choice album of my works a few months ago.
Gave me goosebumps.
Made my toes curl
I was so happy.

I had to get a flatbed scanner just so I can share this beautiful album with you.
I am still overwhelmed with happiness everytime I look at it.
Di na ko maiinggit sa clients nya, kasi may album na 'ko eh!
Uhmmm...konting inggit na lang :-D

Super thanks Master!


d3nd3n said...

Ganda ganda. :)

I hope i can pull off the gown you're making for me. :) Excited na 'ko sobra.

Ernest said...

Ibang klase talaga si Dino - full of surprises. Ang sweet 'no? See you soon for more chika, top or bottom? =)

Candy said...

goodness Miss V..
everything is so beautiful!

It's almost the end of October.
I can finally meet you in a few weeks.
I really can't wait!!!!

Ramil and Macy said...

Super super super ganda!!! I'm soooo proud to be part of it! :) Next time, fashion show na to showcase your collection. Invite us ha! :)

Anonymous said...

ooooh lalalala...such a happy happy happy day today, noh?!

see you all soon! lapit na! yipeedoo!

Anonymous said...

hay, grabe na itoh! kuha na ng sponsor para sa fashion show now na! at talagang uuwi ako para ipa-alter sayo ang gown para magkasya sa akin! or pagawa na lang kaya ako sayo ng bago?

Ethel Perlas said...

awwwww!!! that is sooooo sweet!!! i see nothing but happiness in every bride's face. =D

Anonymous said...

One word - FANTABULOUS!!!
More power! :D

Lia Del Castillo said...

I'm so happy I saw this album the second time I visited you. =) Can't wait for my own! Mabilis na lang! Hehehe

Faye said...

I really love your wedding gowns Veluz! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss V! wow ang ganda talaga ng mga gowns mo? i keep on thinking mas bagay yata sa akin ang ganyang style eveytime i see a new design of yours...pero i think i will just settle to my original choice... I hope to see you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Shocks Ms V! Beautiful Sobra! Ganda naman ng gowns..ganda ng pictures!! :) Bow ako sa Fantastic "Ms. V" gowns..each and every creation is truly a masterpiece..Promise!

veluz said...

awwwwww thanks girls!!! (blushing while smiling hihihi :-) sana marami pang magbigay ng pictures at album sa kin! hahahaha! parinig?!

Anonymous said...

Ms. V.! I love our picture together! You, Niko, and the rest of your team were so FABULOUS to work with. Sobrang nakakamiss kayo! Everyone loved my dress! Thanks for making me pretty on my wedding day! You really are a magician!

Anna B.

Faye said...

I really love your gowns Veluz!

Anonymous said...

Hey Veluz,

Parang kilala ko ang isa sa mga brides. Hahaha. I just saw this post today. I suddenly felt so giddy. Dami pictures from our wedding. Ang sarap talaga maging bride lalo na kung Veluz bride ka. The pictures won't be great and the wedding won't be a success without a perfect gown and an awesome supplier like you and Niko. Pagkinasal kami ulit ni Rene ikaw uli ang gagawa ng gown ha.

All my love,