Saturday, August 02, 2008

That Moment 5

The bride is a London-based nurse, highly articulate and ever so confident. Not one to be easily rattled... well at least that's what I thought hehehe :-)

She was so cool during the preps, mingling with her multi-racial friends and calmly doing all the poses with her ever so hip photographer. She was so aware of everything that's happening around her even asking everyone who arrives if they've eaten na. He was even kidding her dad,her mom and her sister not to cry otherwise they won't look good in the pictures.

She was constantly thanking us for making her look thinner with her gown and praising her madgi-cian for making her look oh so pretty. Daldal nya promise :-)

Here comes the crunch time. At the church..

The coordinator signalled it was time for her to walk. Niko approached her in the car..

Niko - "eto na po, game na tayo"
Bride - ha!!! sandali... sandaliiiiii.... game na ba talaga!? wait lang, wait lang ... ano bah! ninenerbyos na ko.

We positioned the veil, the Madgician made last minute touch ups, we fixed her long train and pulled her gown down. And all this time, she was murmuring - "sandali...sandali.. sandali lang, wait ha, wait ha, ngayon na ba talaga?! shit! dami ba tao? di ko yata kaya.... parang ayaw ko na.....! uy ano gagawin ko?!"

There was a blur of sounds - "kaya mo yan.." enjoy your moment ha.." "walk slowly" "look at your groom" "flower over flower" but she kept on saying - "wait lang! wait lang!..sandali"
The coordinator signalled - "okay po, malapit na buksan, bride lang po sa door."

she shouted - "wait! wait lang ! sandali! sandali munaaaaa... please! ano ba to? di ko yata kaya!! okay ba ko? okay?! game na? wait.. wait... sandali lang! ano ba?!"
Niko gasped - " so pano, bukas na lang?! balik na lang kami?

she shouted back "sige!!!! okay, bukas na lang!! ano bah! sandali kasi eh!... ok ok..."

we all laughed, the door opened and her shouts turned to muffled mumblings - " sandali...nay..." she took a deep breath, smiled, and in a few steps, she regained her composure and walked gracefully to the altar. Couldn't tell really if she was smiling or about to break down and cry. She was a sight. :-)

yes, even the bravest and the coolest can't withstand the pressure heheh :-/
it's the power of the door.


lani alvior said...

Miss V,

teke,teka,sounds familiar.don't tell some photos po.hehheh


veluz said...

hahahah!! lani!!! sobrang familiar ba?!! blind item nga eh! :-D post ko dito? hehehe :-)

Anonymous said...

hey veluz! this is jen from tokyo! this post is so funny! grabe, was laughing so hard ... am so excited to meet you this september - jen

lani alvior said...

Miss V,

I knew it! I am so impressed that you remembered every single detail. You were right when you said to me before that you remember and know all your brides. SALUDO PO!!!!

It's ashame that you missed my speech during the reception..."thanks to veluz for making this beautiful dress that I want to wear for the rest of my life"..

Post your beautiful work of art!!My dress was so beautiful and you left everybody in awe,giving me the task of shutting all there mouths :)!!! so make sure you're still in the business by the time my future kids get married!!Dadayuhin ka namin kahit sang lupalop ng mundo,promise!!!

Have you received the picasa web?your work of art taken by John.

Miss you and Niko so much!!

See you all soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well.

If anybody knows Lani, one would expect her to be exactly that. hehehehhe

Tough girl. But.....*winks* she'll hesitate but still push on through though.

lets just say, if I was in a stciky situation, I'd want her to have my back.

But mna, just reading through this was hilarious though....I can only imagine....wait! Hell I think I now the face....hehehehhehe

Good on yer love. Well done!

Anonymous said...

very funny story!!for real???can't wait for my turn.i will be worst for sure!! m so curious now to see the dress that made the bride look thin.baka magawa mo rin ang iyong magic to me,wahhh!!

im becoming your big fan veluz, looking at the photos on this blog.very very impressed.

definitley will see you wen i get home early next year!!

meg from manhattan

Candy :) said...

hahaha ang galing ng kwento. sobrang tawang tawa ko!

more!!!! :D


d3nd3n said...

pramis ang seksi talaga ni lani at ang ganda talaga ng gown niya. :)

Anonymous said...

Very amusing blog. I wasn't there to see the wedding but reading this gave me the picture. It is so Lani! And I guess every bride goes through that feeling. Atleast she didn't pass out! Kudos to her wedding dress. It's really pretty.

Sharon from Cali

veluz said...

awww thank you lani :-) hirap magpili eh, gaganda pics! post ko dito ha :-)

thanks meg, looking forward to meeting you :-)

thanks sharon! yup, thank God she didn't pass out, we won't be able to carry her with all that train! :-D

excited to meet you too jen! ganda gown mo eh! :-)

kendz - funny no? kaw din kaya! hahaha! sinabi nang walk slowly eh! mwah!

thanks den! post ko pics nya soon, sobrang busy lang lately, we're moving kasi nga eh :-/

Anonymous said...

wahahaha!!! i will never forget that moment!!!! ano ba??? oh well, lani one of the coolest bride, na transformed when she's about to walk! hahahaha promise!

Anonymous said...

thanks miss v for posting some pics.

very beautiful dress,if only i can wear them forever,hehehhe.kaso i put on weight so much na.