Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I love her name!
But we call her Babits.
I asked her most adorable mom how she ended up with such a cute nickname but somehow she also forgot how they ended up with it hehehe :-)

I find her feminine with the way she talks, smiles and moves but she refuses to admit it.
Even her sister feels otherwise. Can't blame them really since she's a Soccer coach too aside from having a corporate job. But we really feel she is, probably because of the name. So we insisted :-)

Now you be the judge.

Here she was on her wedding day...

Isn't she feminine?
Every bit a bride :-)

One more thing, this was the 1st time I used this kind of flower - Thistle, her fiance' Graham's national flower. She wanted it incorporated in the embroidery of both the gown and the Barong. She sent me several pegs, we had to revise the embroidery design twice and make two design options for the barong! It was challenging but I love it :-)

Thanks Graham and Babits for the wonderful experience of working with you. You both look
sooo beautiful on your wedding day. And it's not just because of the clothes, but because you're both happy. It showed :-) Best wishes!

Last one, promise. Don't we just love a groom in kilts?
Well, I do. :-)
Here's Graham at the church

and at the reception, in his Barong.

All the pictures were taken from Nelwin Uy's blog.
Thanks Nelwin!


Anonymous said...

gosh her gown's so beautiful. =)

your sleeveless, off-shoulder gowns are making me want to do away with the 3/4s idea na ms. veluz! hehe =)

veluz said...

hahaha! thanks Lia!

don't worry po, we'll see during the fittings if we're going for it or not :-) I'm pretty sure yours will turn out as beautiful :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know her real name was Francesca! She's popularly known as Babits. Batch higher samin ni Liezl sa AC. hehee :o)

Miss you, Ms. V! Miss Niko, Ms. Gerc, and everyone!

Ay...ay...ayaw ako pakainin ni John ng chocolate cake...baka daw ndi ako magkasya sa damit! nyahaha

veluz said...

bwahaha! :-D kumain ka Judy! baka lumuwag ang singsing, mapulot namin ni Niko! hahaha!

misyu too :-)

Unknown said...

Hallooo!! Now in Colombo, Sri Lanka with Graham, been settling for more than 2 weeks and it's very different but challenging! He he.

Many many thanks for featuring me (us) in your blog.. it's such an honour!! Ida, one of my bridesmaids, has been spreading the news that we're in here. How nice!

I'm feminine ba talaga?? Ha ha. Still can't get over it. ;-) What a compliment!

Awwww, I'm so touched and hope you got my email (sent last week) to you and Niko too.. I said something like I'm super proud to be a Veluz Bride and that I've had so much praises and beautiful comments from our guests, family and friends who can't stop talking about it.. til now! And I also got congratulatory remarks from random W@W members!! Ang galing ng workmanship and craftsmanship niyo!! ;-) So so proud!!

I'm so happy too that the thistle embroidery worked.. grabe, looking back to how kulit and OC I was.. exagg diba.. but it was worth it and I'm glad you loved it too!

Regards to everyone else and will come back soon.

Take care dear Veluz and all the best!

veluz said...

Hey Francesca aka Babits! :-) hehehe

I am also super proud of your gown and Graham's barong. Looking at the pictures, all the effort really paid off! Thank you so much for trusting :-)

Enjoy your married life ha. Change is always exciting :-) big hug to you and Graham, you take care!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your reply Veluz!! Appreciate it. Yes we're embracing change.. career na to! :-)

Can I just share something about my identities.. during the reception, Nelwin presented his slideshow and he used Graham and Babits.. then when it was Mervin's (MG) turn for his onsite video, it said naman Graham and Francesca.. ha ha.. parang two different brides, hence the appropriate change in outfit too! Perfect!! He he.

Please give our regards to Niko, Gercel and the team!! ;-)

Lemme know how you get on with your new ad.. it will be such an honour.. if ever ;-)

Will keep in touch soon. Take care and hugs too!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful dress!!!!galing galing!!!

veluz said...

"Lemme know how you get on with your new ad.. it will be such an honour.. if ever ;-)"

awwwww thanks Babits! will keep you posted :-)

hello Pepper!

thanks for the compliment and for dropping by. :-)