Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wyn Hsu

Fresh from enjoying a marathon of America's Next Top Model, I met Wyn :-)
Feeling Tyra, I felt then that she's got that look - thin, frail body, hanger-like shoulders, small boobs, exotic face. Add 5 more inches, and she would've impressed Tyra.
I find her so pretty and she was amused when I told her so.

She is just not aware of how great her facial structure is. that quirky nose and perfect jawline.

She showed me several sweet looking gowns with cap shoulders, scoop neckline and shades of pink and I wanted back then to just throw them all away.

I wanted this

Thank God she trusted me, bragging aside, I think she looks fierce :-)

Erron of Imagine Nation played Nigel Barker, Jesy Alto of The Make Up Studio for the cover girl look,
And Niko, the fabulous runway diva! hahahaha! :-)


Anonymous said...

ang fierce nga!!! :) she pulled it off perfectly and it really looked great on her. pang ANTM/Project Runway ang dating!

Ethel Perlas said...

i love the gown!!wooooowwww!!! the best talaga kayo ms. veluz and niko!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

si jesy si sutan.. si niko, si miss j.alexander, runway coach & divah extraordinare!! ^_^ mejo fan ng antm nu hehehe..
mamah veluz, u done it agen!! love love the gown!!! lurveeeeeee ettt!!! mitchu too :) tagal na nating di nagkakasama hehe..

Anonymous said...

I love the gown, Veluz! *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

Anonymous said...

BRAVO, Ms V! Hay, excited na talaga ako!!! pwede bukas na yung wedding? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Suuuppperrdupper ganda!!! You never fail to show elegance and uniqueness in your gowns! Sooo happy i got you to do mine, I can't wait na rin!hehehe..Job well done once again, Veluz!

Anonymous said...

Tres chic! Loving the details. I'm contemplating pre-booking you guys for our silver anniversary ;-)

Warm Hugs from Basel :)

Unknown said...

Hi Ms. Veluz,

I read your blog and your gowns simply took my breath away. How can I contact you, through email if possible? please let me know.



veluz said...

hey girls! super thanks! soo glad you like it :-) mwah! mwah! mwah!

ernest, coming from you, that is HUGE compliment!

hey ann!
you may email me at :-) thanks mucho for the compliment, i am flattered :-)

Mrs. Felber!
waiting for the pics :-) big hugs :-)