Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Photographs and Photographers II

Photographs from the Master - Dino Lara

photographs that speak for themselves.
now be quiet and listen hehehe


more to come from Mang Dino :-)


Candy said...

need i say more? :P

Faye said...

hi, veluz! i sent you an email. nabanggit ko lang po since i know you usually receive a lot of inquiries... para siguradong mabasa. :) tc.

veluz said...

thanks candy!


please send it na lang po to veluzreyes@gmail.com. yun na kasi ginagamit ko eh. ingat ingat!

LHA said...

Hi Veluz,

It's so nice to finally meet you and Niko!!! Na-star struck ako! =D

Wow.. finally I'm a Niko bride..

See you again soon..

Faye said...

thanks V! i already sent you an email to your gmail account. tc.

Anonymous said...

it's because of achie Anami that i've about the famous Veluz.. sabi ko nga sknya, "Veluz lang? walang last name?"

and it's becuase of anami's gown, that i have long decided (even though more than 1 year pa ang wedding ko) that i'll be a veluz bride din!