Thursday, November 10, 2005


nov 3 - my Bithia's 5th birthday. went to the mall with husband and kids. taught her a valuable lesson - the pleasure of shopping. giddy. happy.

nov 4 - fittings,fittings, fittings. tired but happy.

nov 5 - wedding - bride very happy, me proud. happy.

nov 6 - party for me and Bithia with closest friends and family. magic sing. old jokes. happy.

nov. 7 - my birthday, had my first one whole day off with my husband in months.
hmmmmm, pleasure. happy.

nov. 8 - went to my husband's farm, his shrimps are growing, everything ok. delighted husband. i walked and walked and walked along a 5" concrete dike, scared out of my wits, saw the shrimps, looked plenty delicious. exhausted, hungry but happy.

nov. 9 - this.

grateful. very happy!


Life is Good. Thank You God


edrei said...

hello veluz! looks like a very happy and fulfilling for you & the family.

belated happy birthday to you & bithia! here's wishing you & your loved ones happiness, love & good health always!

congratulations for being in the W@W top ten wedding supplier for 2005. i'm so happy for you, truly deserve it!

Leah said...


belated happy birthday!!! :)

congratulations din for making it to the top ten w@w suppliers. you deserve it. :)

Mik said...

Hi Veluz!! :)
Di mo sinabi birthday mo! Happy birthday!! and Happy Birthday rin to your precious Bithia (cute cute ng batang yan!)
I know you have a killer sched kaya di muna ako dadaan :D hehe super toxic na ba?? But will drop by before I fly to Bacolod for the holidays ha!
Was so happy when I saw your name sa list ng Top Ten :)
Happy birthday rin daw from Daz :) miss nya na kayo!

veluz said...

hello edrei, mik and leah! :-)

uy thank you thank you naman hehehehehe kakahiya, ayaw matanggal ng smile ko while reading your comments! kiligin ba? hehehehehe :-)

thank you ulit, i owe the top ten slot to you guys! cant thank you enough :-)

mik, miss ko na rin si daz!! syempre lalo ka na, pero si Niko, mas miss nya si Daz hahahahahaha!

see you soon!

ingat kayo lagi lagi :-)


ANNA said...

hi ms. v! wishing you more blessings, i hope i can meet you in person next year when i move to manila. God bless.

melisse said...

Hi Veluz!

Belated Happy Birthday and CONGRATS! =) Miss you na and Niko! See you soon, will drop by sa QC one of this days.

God Bless,

Cynch said...

hi veluz!

belated happy birthday! obviously you had a good one! you deserve it. and happy birthday too to bithia.

congrats for being included in the TOP TEN. basta for me... you're my number 1!


Rommel & Melissa San Gabriel said...

Birthday din pala ni bithia, happy birthday ulit po! Super cute tlga ng daughter mo, at aba marunong na magshopping! :)

Congrats ulit ha for being one of the top 10 supplier! Wishing you the best! Hope to see you sa awards night (naks). Basta fitting next wkend.. See you soon.

Joanne and Rene said...

hi veluz! belated happy birthday. and congratulations for being one of the top 10 suppliers of waw. see you in april.

Faye said...

naku bad ko! bday mo pala. i think i greeted you last year. haha! happy birthday V! all the best! and syempre congrats on being nominated. syempre isa ako dun. lol. deserving ka naman po eh. more power! more blessings!

Mik said...

Uy, Veluz!! I just heard the news!!! Shempre congrats!!!!!!! Sobrang happy kami ni Daz --I called him as soon as I knew hehehe

Joanne and Rene said...

congratulations! you deserve it. im so happy for you. =)

aimee rae said...

Congrats Veluz! Been telling Bry how much I was rooting for you--kahit hindi mo ako client. :)

veluz said...


Anna, oo nga eh, i truly hope i can meet you in person, and be at your wedding to see you glow on your wedding day! Im sure you'll be a beautiful bride. I sure hope i wont fail you :-)

naku naman, blush ako hahahah feeling mestiza! salamat po, miss na kita! kunin mo na yung box mo hahahaha! miss your mom too :-)


miss ka na rin namin ni Niko, at miss na miss ko na yung gown mo! hahahahaha! malapit ko na syang i-post, tambak lang talaga yung workload ko eh. :-(

alam mo, sabi sa akin ni Madge, yung gown mo daw ang fave nya sa lahat ng gowns na ginawa ko na nakita nya! aba naman!!!! uuuuuy, kiikilig!


thanks talaga ha for all your support and for trusting me so much, feeling ko haba ng hair ko eh heheheheh :-)


thank you thank you thank you! see you in April :-) excited na mag fit?! hahahaha!


miss na kita ka email ah! hehehe thank you po :-) ingat ingat lagi :-)


naku naman, touch naman ako sa inyo ni Daz! thank you so much for all your support! uuuy, pag di na masyado busy, coffee tayo ha! pagkwentuhan ulit natin si Daz! im sure mis mo na sya, ako din eh! hahahaha! lalo na si Niko! mwah!


thank you so much, i am really really flattered! Wishing you all the best :-)

Gwen said...

hi veluz..congratulations for winning the W@Wie supplier of the year award. :)

Jane Bio said...

mother veluz! super congrats! you deserve it. sana mas marami pang blessings dumating sa 'yo and your family. see you soon! malapit na kita i-harass hahhaha! take care!

Faye said...

naku i didn't know kaw pala nakakuha ng award! yey! yipeee!!! woohoo!!! congratulations V! as i always say, YOU TRULY DESERVE IT! bow!

joy said...

Congratulations for bagging the W@Wie Award. You're really deserving! Gudluck and kip it up! Godbless!

Bong & Lynn said...

hi veluz!

though im not ur client but i want to congratulate you! u truly deserve the award, i had no second thoughts of voting you as you made lots of w@wies happy. Congrats agen! :)

Mik said...

Hahaha! Feeling ko di na natin magagawa yan kasi marami nang Veluz brides! :)

Dalhan na lang kita ng coffee (and chocolates! ulit) hehe daldalan na lang tayo between fittings :D

veluz said...

hi girls!

maraming maraming salamat po! cant thank you enough :-) mwah mwah mwah!