Friday, June 12, 2009


hi ms. v, i've been wanting to send you a note after our december wedding, but work really demanded and is still very much demanding time from me after our wedding, i have but few words to say (although long overdue) i can't even think of the most eloquent words to describe how i felt when i saw what i describe as a classic creation of yours, very simple yet stunningly elegant bridal gown, and oh i so love everything :)
my deepest gratitude to you (your brilliant mind and the execution of every gown you make) and to your wonderful and accomodating team especially to niko and gercel, i simply adore you :) i wish you all the best and i am pretty sure that your lovely brides in the future will experience the same happiness and satisfaction as we, your past brides, experienced as we walked down the aisle wearing one of your gorgeous pieces :) here are some (but lots) of pics of my beautiful bridal gown, it's been five months and i am still getting compliments from friends and relatives here and even abroad!:) and i give all the credits to you, my long-sleeved blouse was certainly my best accessory :) plus the long train... perfect :) Gisela


christine said...

aaw...this reminded me of the first email that i sent ms. V, i sent pegs of Grace Kelly/Lea Salonga gowns so that it will turn out like this gown. i was so undecided then (not anymore, konti na lang hehehe) and only wanted this Grace Kelly-inspired gown. good thing my wedding back then was still 2yrs away! hehehe. i still had time to see more of ms. V's masterpieces and i can happily say that i now know what i want. :-) good thing ms. V is so patient with brides like me. hehehe.

there's something special about a Veluz's an experience and way more than just a piece of dress.

can't wait for my turn!!!

Joy Grace said...

I couldn't agree more! You'd think you have the perfect design in mind but when you see Ms. V's other masterpieces, parang gusto mo bigla gawing 5 ang gown mo sa wedding! Hehe...can't wait for my gown Ms. V! Thank you for accommodating my last minute changes, hihi! Lapit na...Mwah!