Thursday, May 31, 2007

Joanne and Rene Part II

here's Mimi's take

di ko kasi bati si Karl eh hehe
kakainggit si Joanne grabe!

magpapakasal ako uli, threelogy ang photog ko! hahahaha!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Veluz! Ganda talaga ng wedding gown ko. I owe it to you. Everyone was raving about the gown. It's simple yet it exudes elegance. Remember way back 2005, I told you I want a simple but elegant gown. Alam mo naman clueless ako lagi (Lalaki kasi ako nung past life ko. Joke.)You made me a beautiful bride. Panalo di ba? =) Talagang you won't get wrong if you choose a Veluz gown.

Candy :) said...

ang ganda ng gown!!! hehe naeexcite na ako makita yung gown ko (although have to wait 8 more months for that hehe)

galing mo tlaga ms. v! :)

veluz said...

hi joanne!

naku naman, i'm blushing here. heheheh thank you thank you ha :-) I'm really proud of your gown, and thrilled to have been a part of your wedding :-) ganda wedding sobra!

hi candy!

thanks ha :-) ganda rin gown mo! promise :-)

Mike and Wendy said...

hi veluz,

i came across this blogsite of yours and i really liked joanne's gown. it is really superb! what fabric is it made of?


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