Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Gowns lately are really very opulent - lots of texture, lots of blings.
Once in a while I meet someone who wants simple lines, classic embellishments.
But never boring :-)

Of course it helps that she's getting married in France, where you can't really compete with the abundance of lace and the finest of silks.  But it's our very own PiƱa, embroidered and beaded, and it cannot be any less. 

Kudos to Mimi and Karl for capturing the French countryside the way it is - breathtaking :-)


mimi said...

Balik tayo? :)

veluz said...

sigeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :-))

clarice said...

j'taime!!! gusto ko na makapagtrabaho para makapunta ng europe! haha! europe lang ang katapat at ipagpapalit ang mga anak! :) veluz, fab gown, as usual!! mimi, and gandaaaaaaaahhh!!!