Sunday, March 18, 2012


It is always a challenge designing clothes for people who are highly creative.  Pauline and Ivan leads the motion graphics studio, Acid House.  They both seemed very artsy, but they were very quiet too during the initial meeting.  I may not have shown it then but I really had a difficult time conceptualizing the gown.  Like what I always say, your wedding gown should reflect who you are.   She speaks softly yet you can feel her strength.  She appreciates details, but I don't think she's a show-off.  She's someone who can wear paisley prints matching a skull ring and she'd look well put together.  She's different, but there's something familiar about her :-)  So do I come up with skulls and crosses in her gown?  Can I just throw paint all over?  Do I tear up the seams and just go all out crazy?  I can do that too, but I honestly felt she's not the type.
I did the sketch and I presented the details. The difficult part is always presenting the design, explaining the details so they can see my vision.  These are the times where I silently wish I live in Sesame Street, where I can just throw my thought bubble to someone and we will think exactly alike :-) They listened intently the entire time.  Not a single question.  I was actually prepared to be rejected then but I will stand by my sketch, it is her - something familiar, yet very different.  Detailed, but not over the top.  :-)

They both smiled, they loved the idea, and I was happy.  
Their wedding, according to my staff, was one of the most heartfelt and most intimate weddings they've seen.  It was unique yet it was real.
Congratulations Pauline and Ivan! 
And thank you for having us :-) 

Hello Ms. Veluz!

Can't thank you enough for the wonderful wedding dress :-)   Gandang ganda silang lahat .... the details are so controlled, so beautiful!  And our families and friends were all impressed on how great Ivan and I both looked that day. .. You are a blessing to us.  You helped made our dream wedding come true.  
I'm hoping to hang this gown in a gallery or museum somewhere.  It is just so beautiful :-)

God bless, you're an inspiration.


Ivan and Pauline

Stunning photos by Theory of Bliss
Coordination by Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings
Oh and I just need to share this, their amazing pre-nup, also by Theory of Bliss :-)

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LB Food Trip said...

This gown is indeed a work of art. I agree with the bride. It deserves a place in a museum!

I love your work!

This is the first time I'm going to say this about a designer but I love ALL of the gowns I've seen from your shop. I know you've heard this millions of times before but I must say you are a genius. You make me extra proud to be pinay! Before coming across your work I am already sold on designing my own gown and having it made by my trusty tailor. But your brilliance just changed everything. Now I'm determined to save every penny I can to be able to have my wedding gown made by you--- even if it takes booking you 18 months before the wedding (I've already talked to my boyfriend about this but he's yet to finish med school. Hehe!). I'm just in awe of your work. God bless you more!