Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Brides by Jeff and Lisa

indulge yourself in the "modern vintage romantic" photos from Jeff and Lisa.
i'm in love. . . :-)

Marie Ann





Anonymous said...

Veluz, i love, love, love Sam and Veronique's dresses!!! :) -jamie amoranto

christine said...

reading your blog is a feast for the senses! :) love 'em all! keep them creative juices flowing! hugs!

I am Mitch :) said...

wow dami ng shoe style :) the gowns n brides are so beautiful ms. v. :)

Anonymous said...

Ms. V, super!!!! loved Sam and AJ's gowns. see you soon!-precious

Trish Cardona said...

When I celebrate my silver wedding anniversary, I will hunt you down Ms. Veluz!
Since I just celebrated my 15th, I'll have enough time to save up and really splurge.

Anonymous said...

wow!with all those designs and lovely brides, parang I want to get married ulit..?!