Saturday, January 09, 2010


She was in a crisp, casual white when I met her and wearing blings that were so well put together.
Her arm candy was tall, dashing and definitely her best accessory that time :-)
She had no pegs on hand, but I knew instantly what would suit her.
She can pull it off, only her....
Once in awhile, I get that feeling, of knowing one person instantly - felt it when I met her.
I can feel my excitement inside but I had to make small talk so I asked her what her color or theme would be and she said, plum and green.
"No, you're not!" Oops! there goes my being proper, my mouth got ahead of me :-(
She raised her eyebrow a bit, so I said, "Please, just give this a shot."
I gave her this -

Photo by Mango Red

She is undeniably pink and black, perfect balance of strength and femininity.
I was almost finished sketching the dress, when she suddenly blurted out - "don't show it to me!! Oh my God! I won't be able to sleep!!

I knew then that I was right, she is pink and black :-)

here's their awesome video by Phoeben Teocson

albert & jamie - same day edit from phoeben teocson on Vimeo.

and some photos from her sister :

Blessed new year everyone!


Dog Blogger said...

finally! i only saw one pic of her in the dress that you made and i've been itching to see this posted on your blog. i love this, pink and black!

Anonymous said...

Ms.Veluz one of your brides got featured in one of my favorite wedding blogs.
Pls. do check this out

Unknown said...

ms v! i love, love love the top! haha kung kaya ko lang magsuot ng revealing :p

Anonymous said...

i love you, Veluz!!! :) thank you for making the most beautiful dress for me and for taking such good care of me before and after the wedding. my arm candy and i love you dearly. can't wait to see the other pics from Randall. You and your girls are the best. thank you, thank you :) p.s. walang sinabi gown ni Ivanka Trump sa masterpiece mo :P - jamie

jen/tokyo said...

Love this gown!! :) Black is always a great accent!! reminds me of the gown you made for me!! ;) - jen/tokyo

Unknown said...

ms veluz,,, this is my favorite among all your gowns i've seen!

love it!

DArl (04172010)

i am Mitch said...

AWWW! ... speechlessss :)

Unknown said...

this is absolutely beautiful. congrats Ms V :) Love your work talaga!!!!

gen teocson said...

love love love the whole ensemble!=) side view, top view, back , front... winner!=)

Anonymous said...

wow, although, i will probably get married 5 years from now. i fell inlove with this dress! :) i already know who my designer is.... even i dont have a groom yet. :)

rossgtc said...

came across this lovely bride. She looked like the classic beauty audrey hepburn :)