Saturday, September 05, 2009

Smart Cookies

I was helping my daughter make a 3D model of a volcano a few weeks ago, I asked her to make it on her own and just improve on it later. It turned out okay, more like a hill with a small spout on top :-( she got so frustrated. I told her let's do it all over again. Her jaw dropped, but she started working on it again. If she's not completely happy with it then do it all over again. You have to give it your best. It turned out pretty well if I may so myself, complete with some orange colored lava :-) It turned out one of the best in her class. She was ecstatic!

"Mommyyy!!! para kong Smart Cookie!" (they call the honor students in their class Smart Cookies) then innocently she asked -
"I'm like you mommy no? inuulit mo lagi yung gowns?!"

"ngyak! juice mio!..hindi naman! pag pangit lang!"

"yeah, but you do it di ba? hanggang maging pretty?!"
may point sya...

I love making gowns! It's as fun as playing with your favorite doll, dressing her up and making sure she's so pretty your friends will die envious :-) It's like making the best project in school so good that the teacher will acknowledge it in front of the class, that even if you're not the smartest, you get to be at par with the school's smarties. It's like getting a Best in .... uhmm Home Economics?!?! or Best in Spelling?!!? maybe trivial to some, but still worthy of a medal. Bakit ba?! eh may best kaya! :-)

You get up on stage, stand beside the school geeks, and just feel triumphant. In my case, I work sooo hard in improving my craft that I find myself side by side with the industry's geeks... errr the industry's best :-) Am I lucky or what?!?

Here are sample works of the Smart Cookies, in no particular order :-), and their lucky and intelligent brides :-)

Photographer - Dino Lara

Videographer - Threelogy

Charnel and Claricel from Bong Sare on Vimeo.

Coordination - Ernest Pascual of Events!Events!

Hair and Make up by Eddie Bruan


Photographer : Mimi and Karl

Videographer - Jason Magbanua

Camille and Rey from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Hair and Make up by Cathy Cantada

Jan Li
Photographer : Pat Dy
Videographer : Phoeben Teocson


Photographer : Paul Vincent
- love that this wedding was a year ago! :-)
Coordination by Just Like Ours

Photographer : John Mateos Ong
Hair and Make Up : Madge Lejano of the Make Up Studio
Coordination by Events by Clarice

- stay tuned for more projects with other Smart Cookies :-)


Gina said...

Uy, kasali ako. (blush) Pero seriously, I love my gown Ms. V - worth of everything talaga, what can I say? Thank you for making me look like a queen even for 1 day lang. Miss you all na! Mwah!!!

judy g said...

"Smart Cookies" --> I wanna be one :D

Lovely, lovely, lovely gowns, by the way. Hugs and kisses to you, Ms. V!

veluz said...

awww thanks Gina! we miss you too!!! :-)
@ judy - you are!! :-) powerhouse ang cast eh! hahaha! thanks thanks!

mimi said...

Smart cookies kami! Yahoo! Parang Prom Queen ito! :P
Ay wait, si Karl si Smart ako si Cookie? Di ata fair yun... hahaha.

Kez Cajes said...

Ms V, cant wait to become one of your smart cookies....anuvah yan parang napalitan ang Veluz Bride into Smart Cookies! pero cute naman new name ehhh...wohoo..

arlene said...

aawwww so sweet of your daughter!!!

when can i have a veluz creation na kaya? :)

so fully booked na!!!!! congrats and take care!

zei said...

Ms. V, I love all your gowns. Super excited.=) Got the 2nd slot na for Sept. 25, 2010.=) Can't wait for you to make my dream wedding gown. P.S. Thanks Ms. Gercel for being so accommodating last Saturday.=)

rey/cam said...

Thanks for posting, Ms. V! :) Smart cookie ka talaga!!! I'm sure all your brides feel the love you put in creating our perfect gowns ... like when you had to redo my gown for the adjustments (like the volcano! naku!), then there was our "happy mistake" which turned out into an amazing work of art, even if it meant so much more work for you guys, to your girls taking a cab with the traffic and pouring rain just to deliver the gown, to everyone being super warm and accommodating from first fitting all the way until the wedding day! Tama talaga, if you can't do anything with that much love, why do it at all? Hugs! Hugs!

veluz said...

@ Mimi - naman! ibang level ang prom queen ha! smart cookie ka lang! :-) hahaha!

@ Kez - the smart cookies are actually the great suppliers, in my opinion. you will always be my bride aka prom queen! hahahaha! :-)

@ Arlene - pakasal na kasi!! mwah! :-)

@ Zei - awww super thanks ha :-)

Cindy Villabona - Ignacio said...

pwede na rin smart cookies din yung Veluz brides kasi they were smart to pick you as their designer! hehehe

regards to all! we miss you guys. sana makadaan na kami minsan ni noel.

Kez Cajes said...

Tama ka Cindy...Veluz Brides are Smart Cookies din kasi they choose the smartest, most talented, most artistic and most sexy gown designer - VELUZ REYES. hehehe pwede pahingi ng copies dun sa photos ng final fitting natin Ms V?

Candy said...

Smart cookies come from a super smart and gifted baker :) Wala pa nga embellishments, but you've already made me feel like a princess during my fitting tonight. Tela palang yun ha. Thanks ms v... and to everyone there. Wala pa yung final gown pero super thank you na ako ha. That's how happy you made me :)

Jaybee said...

Hi Ms. V! You're definitely a smart cookie! Actually, a geek, er... one of the industry's best! Di lang basta natabi sa best noh. M sooo proud to be a Veluz bride. Pwede lang pakasal every year eh... so i could wear my gown over and over. Miss you ms. V!
Yey, marunong nako mag comment. hahaha, m not so smart with the internet thingy...

Unknown said...

Hi Ms V!! wow i'm here! haha i still owe you lost of pictures but just wanted you to know that Bim posted the on-site na in his site. guess who has a cameo role there?? :) pwede nang mag-artista :) thanks so much for such a lovely lovely gown! talk of the town pa din until now! :)

Unknown said...

until now i still visit your blog site, kasi excited ako to see your new creations. ang sarap talaga ng feelings na matupad ang dreams and you made it possible. the best ka talaga! everyone complemented my gown, even my cousin and my her friend who are 12 years old said that they want their wedding gowns to be made by you. ;-)

Cleo said...

Hello Ms. V!
Your daughter is so sweet... she is so lucky to have a smart cookie mom like you. :-)
We are so thankful we choose smart cookies wedding supplier including you.
Take care and hope to see you pag uwi namin… dadaan ko ung promise ko na Chocoiste ;-)