Friday, September 05, 2008


We still don't have an internet connection at the new shop. So I can only check and reply to emails when I get home at night and once the kids are asleep.
Otherwise, I'd end up with a milk soaked laptop or chocolate laden mouse. Or my kids will fall asleep standing in the corner serving their punishment for messing mommy's work. So I might as well sing the lullaby first before working :-/

It is so much easier working from the shop, I can answer emails in between fittings and client meetings. At least when I get home, my kids get undivided attention and I get to sleep earlier.

A few nights ago, past midnight actually, Kendz buzzed me - "uy overtime ah!"
She has some kind of power or 6th sense, coz she always manage to buzz me at the right time - i.e. when I feel exhausted or sad or just irritated, and needing some kind of break. Quite a number of times she did that in the past, twice or thrice at the old shop during her preps and once when I was in Sydney. She'd buzz and we'd chat, and I'd feel better. That night she woke me up.

Told her about my internet dilemma and how late I am with sending out sketches to brides. It's not that easy making sketches for people whom you haven't met, you have to rely on the way they write and the pictures they send to at least have a glimpse of who they are, and sketch a gown that will reflect that. That even if I stay awake for 3 days straight, I won't run out of emails to reply to. She laughed and quipped - "mag-intay sila no!! ako nga 3 months nag-intay eh heheheh!" I knew she wasn't trying to make me feel guilty, but I surely did. I was red with shame.

Kendz, thank God, prepared more than a year and a half before her wedding. Clarice, her coordinator, swears it was more like 2 years before the wedding hehehe Di naman halatang excited sya no? :-D but, we were able to finalize her queries probably 3 months later from the day she inquired. Not that I didn't reply, because I did... I believe I did. But I must admit, the sketches came in later :-( I am red with shame again.

But the trust she gave me was overwhelming. She mentioned in one of our exchanges na "kahit naman ano ipasuot mo sa akin, isusuot ko eh"
Gasp! I am not worthy. ang haba haba haba naman ng hair ko !!!! :-D
Now how can I fail her?

But it wasn't just me who got that kind of trust. She trusted all her suppliers completely. And I believe everyone felt that. And everyone stood up and rose to the challenge, no one wanted to let her down.

During her day, everyone was excited for her and Lui. Her preps was probably the most enjoyable preps I've been. Not a dull moment, its as if everyone knows everyone. No pressure, just happy doing their jobs, enjoying every moment of it.

Here she is in their special day

Beautiful pictures by Mimi and Karl
Awesome onsite by Threelogy
Flawlessly coordinated by Clarice of An Events to Remember

Again, Kendz and Lui, I am truly thankful for the trust and the patience you have given us, and very grateful for the friendship.

PS. a little trivia - Kendz was smiling the whole time we were preparing her for the walk down the aisle. But suddenly cried when the door was about to open. She held back her tears, smiled again and quipped - "nakupo, baka ma-that moment ako nito!!" we all laughed and reminded her to just walk slowly. She was smiling and nodding, but we knew she was oblivious to everyting around her coz when the door opened, she rushed towards it!..Niko shouted "ay sinabing slowly!, male-late?" The 1st few steps were too hurried, that Clarice and her team literally played patintero with her just to make her walk slower.

And she did.

She was glowing. A picture of true happiness she deserves.


Candy :) said...

ayyyyy anu ba yun! maluha luha naman ako dito! :)

im really grateful and HONORED to be a VELUZ bride. i never wanted anyone else to create the most important gown in my life :)

you truly truly did a wonderful job and i am forever grateful tlaga. whatever you want in sg, sabihan mo lang ako :)

i enjoyed every moment i was in your shop. super enjoy tlaga to the max! sarap ng kwentuhan. hahaha sometimes, i'd feel that i was super anxious na or ngarag sa preps but you will always say something that will make everything seem okay (remember the invites? hehehe)

thank you thank you tlaga. i know kahit sandali lang tayo nagkakilala (sandali lang ba yung 2 years??? hehe) i really really feel that i made a very good friend :)

thanks again ms v! your gowns truly rock! fabulous to the max!!!!!!!! i will never get tired of recommending you and niko to my friends. hanggang tumanda ako sasabihin ko sa mga apo ko kay veluz magpatahi. lol.

thanks tlaga. i really love my gown. everybody said that it was very beautiful. :) e VELUZ ba naman?! hehe. wahhh kahit ilang beses kong sabihin na thank you parang di sapat yun :p thanks!!!!!!!!!!

mwah and missing you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Kendz! She was one of the first "Veluz brides" I saw on d internet and the one who made me love your designs! I am glad to know I am not your only makulit bride... I feel bad always emailing you my crazy questions here from the U.S.!

Anonymous said...

sooo pretty! kahit anong ipasuot mo ms veluz, kahit kanino...absolutely gorgeous! Galing talaga :)

Kendz, you totally rocked your VELUZ gown:) ganda!

Anonymous said...

Undeniably, VELUZ, Niko and the girls are the BEST. Won’t forget the wedding of Kendz and Lui. The couple are very nice and sobrang down to earth. Shocked that kendz knew the "i am Mitch" hehehe. Really enjoy this fun and wonderful day with the couple and great suppliers :)

Candy :) said...

sweet tea, is that you? :) thanks sis! :)

j rob - thanks! i do hope i did veluz' gown justice :p

mitch!!!! musta na po? i won't forget the "i am mitch" thing. lol si veluz nagkwento sa akin nun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kendz, im doin great :) love the pictures ms. v posted !!! ... can't wait for my turn hahaha :P

Words and Steel said...

hi Candy- yup it's me!

benzrana said...

i love kendz!
ay blog pala ni veluz ito.
i love veluz din!
ayy nababasa pala ni niko ito.
i love niko din!

see yah guys sooooon!

it is obvious when suppliers love their couple noh? all the suppliers was excited nung day nang panunumpa nila kendz n lui *grin* kasi alam nila fun the couple, fun pa the people they will be working with.

diba ni?!